Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuck the Hammie Died 0223hrs Today

Paul & I bought 2 hamsters in February.

Nip aka Skinny. And Tuck aka Fatty.

We were unsure if we should get a pair of same sex hamsters but in the end, decided on a male & female pair. Tuck was pregnant some time ago and gave birth to 6 baby hamsters. But due to reasons unknown to us, none of the babies survived.

It's hard to tell when a hamster is pregnant but watching Tuck's bahaviour last night, it did look like she was in pain and was going into labour.

As we learnt from the first time round, the best thing to do is not to do anything and leave her alone. We're not even supposed to peer into their home as it stresses the mother out.

So off we went to bed at midnight. At about 2am, Paul got up from bed to check on them and found that Tuck was in the middle of giving birth but there seems to be complications. He held her while she took her last breath.

I woke up this morning and saw Nip in their home. I thought it was rather strange that there were some peeled kuachi in a corner. Usually the hamsters would peel it and eat it right away. I thought Tuck was sleeping inside the house.

Then Paul told me this morning that Tuck died. Poor Nip is in mourning!

I'm feeling sad too and am reminded that this is the feeling one gets when your pet dies. This is one reason why getting a pet is not always a good idea. They bring you a lot of joy. But the more joy the bring when they are alive, the sadder you are when they die.

Poor Nip. Poor Tuck.

RIP Tuck. Hope you are in Hammie Heaven with all the kuachi you can eat.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bombing in Jakarta Again - Marriot & Ritz

The Ritz in Jakarta just got bombed! Just happened and just heard about it so no details yet. Heard that the Marriot was also bombed. CNN didn't mentioned Marriot but if it is true, that's horrible, especially since they were bombed a few years back.

Just 2 days ago, there was a fire in MK Bayu. Not that there's any connection, but the recent space of celebrity deaths, fires, bombs .... it's pretty depressing. What's going on?


I started work at Ogilvy about 2 weeks back. While it's not been too stressful yet, time has absolutely flown by. I'm starting to get immersed into the work and I'm already a part of the Ogilvy Cheerleading team for the Corbis Futsal Tournament that's coming up. I've also been roped in to organize the opening ceremony and party for the newly renovated bar and chill out area for the agency. I'm already begining to feel tired and not being able to wake up in the mornings.

Well, at least my mother-in-law commented at dinner last night that my skin looks good. This means I'm really not as stressed as I think I am. Hehe.