Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wijay Knows Simon

Yes I know the world is small. These days whenever I meet someone new especially when the person is not introduced by a friend, I’ll automatically assumed that we’re linked by a minimum one degree of separation, assuming this happened in KL. A few questions which are usually:

1. Where do you work / what do you do?

2. Where did you study?

3. Where do you club?

would elicit the link. If not, a search on Friendster usually reveals the person who makes the link. And more often than not, there’s more than one person who’s our mutual friend.

But this one today took me by surprise.

A friend read my blog and found out that they knew Wijay. For fun, this person gave me a photo of Wijay from way back in 1984. I scanned it and mailed the pic to him. He now wants to know who gave me the photo or everyone in the photo ends up in the obituary. That explains why I’m so vague about describing this someone. I asked Wijay what makes him think the person who gave me the photo is also in the said photo. Wijay is now a very frustrated man.

Wijay named everyone in the photo correctly. Down to the surname. He must have a very good memory.

But he asked if Cedric Gan gave me the pic. And Cedric wasn’t even in the photo!

But the name did ring a bell cos when I was living in SS2 as a child, I lived right next to a family with 3 boys – Cedric, Simon and Ian Gan. And it was the same Simon he was talking about.

The world is small but it jolts me when I make a connection from 30 years ago.

I’ve since lost contact with Ian Gan (we’re the same age I think) but used to play in the playground a lot. So if anyone reading this knows a Ian Gan who used to live in SS2, buzz me!

And Wijay is still pissed off. So funny.

Ants Read My Blog

Since I posted the blog about the ants in my kettle, they stopped their visits / suicide rituals. Maybe they have a IT department who keeps abreast on what happens around the world thru the next cos they’re too small to travel far themselves.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Ants in my Kettle

I’ve had this problem where a group of black ants like to commit suicide in my blue electric kettle. This is a common occurrence in the past few weeks. Whenever I boiled water and the water has cooled, I’m bound to find a bunch of ants in there. Some are swimming, some are floating but they are mostly dead.

I’ve washed the kettle out several times but these ants seem to like diving in and dying. I don’t understand it. Why does it happen and why now?

I’ve consulted a few websites.

Some say that the ants just want water. If so, can’t they just go to the sink or toilet?

One site says that rubbing lemon on the kettle will keep them away.

I shall try that this weekend and will let you know if it works.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Letter to Nokia

I’m writing to tell you that I’m leaving you. You have been so good to me during our relationship of 10 years. But recently you have changed. You’re slow and you don’t respond to me. You switch yourself off periodically and are not there when I need you most. You look good and have potential to do so much. But you don’t deliver on those promises. You have made me so sad.

Friends have been telling me to dump you for the longest time but I stuck by you cos I believed in you. Even through the hard times, I thought you would change. But you have let me down one too many times.

I’m now with Sony Ericsson. Sony has been great so far. Sony is very different from you. I still think of you often. But I do believe once I get settled in with Sony, there will be no turning back.

I want to thank you for being a loyal and a great friend all these years. But it’s time to part ways. I wish you all the best.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Irritating Single Digit Car Registration Numbers

Recently a few cars with single digit car registration numbers have been irritating me on the road. Trying to bully Zach! Cutting into Zach’s lane … WITHOUT signaling. How rude! They are namely:

WEF 7 Black BMW X5


MAY 4 Silver Mercedes

Encounters with both those cars were in the Mont Kiara area. MAY 4 was a few days ago. WEF 7 was just this morning.

Who do they think they are? Single digits ….. so they are important? Rich? Rubbish! They are rubbish drivers and the cars should be taken away from them and they should be made to take the bus. May the fumes of the bus fill their lungs and may the smoke darken their faces. Idiots!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Recent Fixation With Rabbits / Tracker's Day Out

Seems like it started when I bunnie-sat Waffle and Snuffles a few months ago.

Recently I’ve had a fixation with rabbits.

I’ve been playing this bunny game called Rayman Raving Rabbid’s. The bunnies are cute but very menacing. One of my favourite games is shooting the rabbits with a toilet plunger before they shoot you. Or shooting carrot juice at their snorkels and drowning them before they whack you with the plunger.

When Paul and I was at this store in 1U a week or so ago, we saw this cute t shirt with humping bunnies. He bought that for me.

Pic courtesy of Sin Cyn from her Motorola which she's yet to change to Sony Ericsson ;)

We were at 1U again another time when we saw that Nike came out with a new t shirt design, with a bunny wearing a pair of Nike Air. He bought that for me too. Well I think it’s more of a hare.

(I also recently have a thing for yellow duckies and turtles / tortoises)

The next day, Paul and I brought the hare and Tracker out. He (Tracker) hasn’t been to Doggie Day at the BU Park in quite a while so I decided to bring him to 1U instead. Dogs seem to love car rides and Tracker is no exception. He even tried driving the car and Paul let him.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Nokia N73 vs Sony Ericsson K800

I’ve been a loyal user of Nokia mobile phones for the last 10 years. They are pretty, simple, functional and very user friendly.

That is until they came up with their new batch of phones. I bought the N73 when they came up with the N Series. The phone is well designed and comes with jam packed amounts of functions. Unfortunately it is so sssssllllllooooooooooooooooo wwwwwww.

It can take up to 5 minutes to send one (1) SMS. It resets itself several times a day. It hangs when a call comes through. It takes 2 minutes for the camera to start up. The phone really pissed me off and I was complaining all the time. What use is a phone when you can’t do basic functions like make / receive calls and SMSes? I’m not even talking about the rest of the functions like music player and games.

So Paul bought me the Sony Ericsson K800i. And one for himself too. And we spent about an hour last night video calling each other. It’s so fun and it has different options to play with too. Better make the most of it while 3G is still not widely used and video calling is still free cos the telco’s are trying to promote it.

Yes I’ve finally gone over to the other side. So far I find that the graphics are better and there are more functions. I’m still in the transitional period. I need to get to the stage where I can use the phone without looking at it. That may take a while since the interface is different from that of Nokia’s. Then I’ll do a proper comparison of the 2 brands.

A Non Clubbing Version 4.0 Weekend

It was a good weekend. One which I achieved 1,2, 3 and 12 from the list of Non-Clubbing activities and even added a few more items to the list.

The weekend started on Friday night where Paul and I watched the Pursuit of Happyness. Such sad and heartwarming story. Makes me appreciate all that I have. Believe that most of us reading this have not ever been that broke that we do not have a roof over our heads. What more being in that position with a child to take care off. Even if we don’t have much money in the bank, most of us are fortunate enough to have parents or friends who can be that safety net. It’s just a question of whether we chose to use that safety net or not. So we will never experience that feeling where you’re not only at your wit’s end but also have a broken spirit with no light whatsoever at the end of the tunnel.

On Saturday, Paul coloured my hair in Revlon Light Redish Brown. He did a good job even though I was squirming and not able to sit still. I was running about and had to be content with colouring my colouring book while waiting for the colour to set.

Then we headed out to 1U to meet Michelle Shell to watch 300. Isn’t Gold Class great? I love the chair which reclines so that I can stretch / move / squirm / lie straight / sit cross legged / sit with legs folded and the best part – there’s no one close enough to you to hear them talk or for them to kick your chair (which is what happened while watching Pursuit of Happyness in the normal cinemas).

I can understand why everyone is raving about 300. Or why the movie only took a few months to shoot on blue screen followed by a year of CGI. It was so beautifully shot that I didn’t think it was gory or bloody. Can someone tell me if those 8 packs on the men are real??!

We spent most of the sunlight hours of Sunday lazing around at home drinking coffee and chatting. The TV wasn’t even switched on. It’s so amazing when you can immerse yourself with another person and not have the need of external factors for entertainment.

And that was my mellow weekend which I enjoyed immensely. I’ll target the other items and the Non Clubbing Activity list next weekend.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bubbles Non Clubbing Version 4.0

Was thinking of what to do this weekend. And I came up with this list:

  1. Watch movies at the cinema
  2. Watch DVDs at home
  3. Play PS2
  4. Bounce on the ball in the gym (I’m not a big fan of working on the actual machines)
  5. Play in the playground and pretend that I’m 7
  6. Make use of the wonderful swimming pool at Paul’s place
  7. Have a mini barbeque party in the fragrant garden at Paul’s place
  8. Play ping pong
  9. Take long drives for good food
  10. Take short day trips
  11. Cook dinner at home
  12. Stay home, have coffee, smoke cigarettes and chat

That’s quite a list. The most amazing thing about the list is that “Clubbing” isn’t on it. I didn’t even consider putting it in until Paul asked if I wanted to go clubbing this weekend (I’m sure he’s just teasing by the amount of times I’ve said “No”).

I’m really looking forward to doing all those non-clubbing activities. I’m sure my friends are all in shock. I’m in shock myself. But it’s also something I feel a natural transition towards.

This is Bubbles Non Clubbing Version 4.0.

Bubbles Non Clubbing Version 3.0 wasn’t that long ago. But I’ve a feeling that Version 4.0 is here to stay.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Domesticated Mellow Bubbles

Just a couple of months ago, I was wondering when my clubbing streak would end. I've been clubbing for 15 years and most of my friends are either married (some with kids) or still going out but doing the chilled out wine sipping thing. And I showed no signs of slowing down. In fact I was gaining more momentum. I was so bored, contantly needed to meet new people and therefore clubbing was the answer even though deep down I was getting bored of clubbing itself. But there wasn't any alternatives to weekend activities then. None that I was interested in anyway.

But lately, friends have been telling me that I've mellowed. I'm still me - still bouncy and still high, but seem to be on a different type of high. Another friend also pointed out that once you've found the love of your life, that's what happens automatically. U'll wanna stop going out so much, do more 'couply' things, do more sedated activities and stay home more and enjoy each other's company. Wise words indeed from a friend who's been married a few years.

It's so true. I've now experienced it for myself.

Paul and I checked into Le Meridien last weekend for a short getaway. After dinner at Chynna @ Hilton, he asked if I want to pop by to Zeta which was just a few yards away from the resturant. I said "no" and that I rather go back to the room and watch TV.

And last night, Paul said that I've not clubbed for so long and whether I'd like to go clubbing that night. Here , I have to explain that Paul is not a clubber at all. But there he was offering to bring me anyway cos he knows I enjoy it. And what happened? I said no yet again, I wasn't up to it and that I wanted to go home to pay PS2 and watch a DVD. Sin Cyn smsed to say that she was gonna be at Somo which is the bar right where I live and i even said no to that.

And once again today, Paul asked me if I wanted to go clubbing tonight. And I said "Probably not. How about a movie instead?".

What's going on here?! I've been invited to go out clubbing 3 times by my own boyfriend and I said no every single time? Bubbles is finally mellowing down and becoming domesticated. To a level that's shocking to my friends and myself alike.

But I'm not complaining. I knew this day would come. And guessed that it would probaly be brought about when I meet someone whom I'm totally happy and contented with and whom will fulfil me in more ways than one, causing me not want to look for artificial or short term highs.

I do look back at my clubbing days and have great memories of them, espcecially the years at Viva (who could forget Viva?). I'm sure I'll still club when there's a big enough event or occasion. But it's no longer a need in my life. I'm happy to leave them as wild memories and move on to a new phase in my life.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

He Bought Me Hats and Pulls Rabbits Out of Hats

After dinner last night, my darling and I walked into Gap where he tried on a nice pair of cargos. He also wanted to buy me a Gap cap too, since I bought him one before this. While at the cashier, I spotted a beret. I always wanted a beret! Not many occasions to wear berets here in Malaysia, I know. I was choosing between the cap and the beret when he took both items and promptly paid for them. I didn’t need both the cap AND the beret but I did want them. Hehe! My darling pampers me so much.

And not only that, he is constantly pulling rabbits of the hat to make me laugh and keep me entertained. Friends know that I bore very easily but with my darling, that’s not happened, not even for a fraction of a second.

An old friend once told me, the guy whom I’ll finally end up with is one who can constantly keep me entertained. And I’ve finally found him. Didn’t think there was ever such a person out there but I’ve been proven wrong.