Thursday, July 31, 2008

Chuka Zanmai again

We went back to Chuka Zanmai again and ate different things from Tuesday but about the same amount so can’t be asked to upload all the pics. The overall food taste was better this time tho. And the serve was just as good thanks to Jon the manager. And it was still at 50% off. Too good to be true.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chukai Zanmai

Another interesting place makan place I’ve discovered is Chukai Zanmai which just opened in Plaza Damas. Yes, they’re of the same group as the popular Sushi Zanmai, Rakuzen and Kura in One World Hotel.

Paul & I found out about it from Mng of Mng Bouquets whos florist shop is just opposite Chukai Zanmai which is the same row as Starbucks in Damas. He told us that the opening promo is 50% off everything on the menu (except for desserts). Half price on Jap food? Too good to be true right? So we had to go and we ordered:

The menu

Interior of the restaurant

Chuka Idako

‘Sui kow’ (water dog) soup

Salmon sashimi in some kinda Chinese sauce

Seafood noodles

Fried soft shell crab

Fried chicken

Crab meat omelette in vinegar

Garlic fried rice in a stone pot and ‘cooked’ at your table

The full spread

Black sesame ice cream in wafer shell

We felt that the taste of the food was so-so. A few dished were rather bland. But then we talked to the manager, Jon Cheang, and found out that the food is actually Japanese and Chinese fusion. That’s why there are a lot more noodles and not as much sushi or sashimi. The service was superb though but that’s only cos we hogged Jon’s time and not the other waiters.

We ate all of that and the bill came up to RM108 only!

We’ll definitely go back there again if only for value for money Jap food!

Don’t have their number but the website is Unfortunately the Chukai Zanmai contact details aren’t even on it!

They have not specified how long the promo is on for but it could be until their official opening on 8 August 2008.

Shopping in Nine West & Lunching at Cova

Nine West is one sale! In fact nearly every shop in all the malls are on sale. When I saw the words “Final Sale” on the Nine West window, my legs automatically walked in that direction. I should know better never to walk into a Nine West store especially when it’s shouting SALE! But too late to put on the blinkers now. In I walked and out I walked with a gorgeous pair of black heels with a black flower at the tip. Have a look. Isn’t this shoe to die for?

In my excitement of paying for it so that I could bring it out of the shop and owning it, I bought a size too tight.

So today I had to go back to The Gardens to return it for the size with the better fit. Since we were there, Sin Cyn and I had lunch at Cova. Looked so nice but have not been in there before.

We ordered a sampler which consisted of chicken wings, crab cakes and fish bites (I’m saying bites instead of fingers cos they’re tiny), an aglio olio spaghetti and a potato with dipping sauce.

The fish in the sampler was really nice. The chicken wings’ batter was nice and light but the crab cakes were nothing to shout about.

The spaghetti was excellent. Light and al denta. I don’t understand why most places can’t do their pasta al dante! It’s the fundamentals of a pasta dish yet its often was too soft and soggy.

The potato was okay. Some pieces had a nice hard and almost crunchy consistency. But other pieces were just mushy to the bite.

Service wasn’t fantastic though. Sin Cyn was seated on my left. The waitress stood at the right side of Sin Cyn to place the utensils but then reached across the table and across me too to place the utensils on my right.

We’ll definitely go back there again. For the spaghetti at least.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ikea Member's Sale

After many years of walking up and down Ikea following the path indicated by the bright yellow arrows on the floor and leaving Ikea with some bright yellow batteries, 4 vanilla scented candles, a picture frame of 3 grey pebbles and half a dozen of curry puffs even though I didn’t meant to, I’ll finally be shopping there and making a purchase totaling more than RM1,000 on a single receipt.

Yes I know I’m excited about spending money. It is strange. I understand that. But I also have this immense love for Ikea which I don’t understand. I could walk about for a few hours and be totally entertained going from the living rooms all the way to the check out counters. I feel like a kid in a humongous play area. There’s nothing you can’t touch, open, sit in, roll around on or bounce about on. Except that they now seal off the ladder on the double decker kids beds. I used to climb up there for a nap when I’m tired after walking about. These days I just sleep on any bed which looks the most comfortable and ignore the stares.

And I love their branding and marketing strategy. Ingvar Kamprad is a genius, whether he started out trying to achieve that or not.

Ikea’s member’s sale started today at 7am and would last till 10am before it was open to the public. Sin Cyn and I didn’t want to be too kiasu and be one of those people who are waiting outside the store before it even opens. So we arrived at 7.30am and were pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t too crowded.

We knew exactly what we wanted but the bright yellow tags with the 3 “!!!” indicated special sale items constantly pulled us away from our original path.

In the end I picked up 3 beige stone coloured tea light holders which I’ve wanted for ages. I also put into the shopping cart 2 rectangular sand blasted glass reading lamps which comes in a pair, one big and one small, which I’ve also wanted since the last time I saw it but Paul said not to buy yet. They were only RM59! TWO lamps made of really heavy glass that’s mouth blown (is that what the process is called?). How worth it is that? The 2 duvet covers which I’ve been eyeing for 1 year were also on sale. The exact 2 which I wanted in the exact colours. How could I not get it?

Those were the smaller and easier to carry items. They are now waiting for me in the car waiting for me to transport them to their new home.

I’m bringing Paul back tonight to buy the bigger items. The Hopen bed is on sale but we’re buying the Malm bed instead. In clear lacquered birch veneer (the pic shows the bed in medium brown). This is a bed I’ve been eying for 5 years! It’s so gorgeous!

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like the Malm design even though they may not buy it for various reasons. We’re also going to buy the book shelf cum storage area, also from the Malm range, which sits at the back of the headboard. The sides can be pulled out and made into side tables.

A new bed and 2 new duvet sets. I’m a very happy bunny!

I also want another Billy bookcase since it now comes in bright red. Billy is one of Ikea’s best selling book cases! We’re also going to get a Ronnskar mirror and matching shelf for the bathroom. Now that Paul and I are moving in together and we finally have a place to ourselves, these purchases are totally justified!

The Hopen chest of drawers may not be justified but it’s on sale! And I want the Expedit even though it’s not on sale.

Can’t wait to go back tonight!

L'Oreal Consumer Products Warehouse Sale

After the Ikea sale, Sin Cyn and I headed over to the Hamodal Building near Glad Tidings Church for the L’Oreal CPD sale, the sale attended by most women who wear make up ie. most women in KL. The L’Oreal warehouse sales are rather unpredictable. You never really know what’s on sale so you just have to chance it. But they have at least 50 products anyway, from make up to skin care to hair care so there’s a high chance you’ll find something you need or want. But chancing it means fighting your way on a road looking for a parking spot which constantly has cars circling the area like sharks circling their prey. The double parking on the small roads does not help. But that’s what I go through twice a year for the sale. The sale wasn’t too bad this year. Most of their usual items were available and are about 40% cheaper than in retail. They also have about 2 more years of shelf life on it. Very worth it indeed. But this is the 2nd sale in a row where my favourite L’Oreal Cashmere shampoo is sold out. A bit of a disappointment. But I still have a few bottles left from the last time I bought so I’ll just have to wait 6 more months for the next warehouse sale.

For those planning to go for the sale, it’s on from today till tomorrow. I suggest going today. Past experience has shown that women go in there and come out with boxes and boxes of products. So there won’t be much left tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pre Wedding Photography Shoot

It was a rather cloudy Monday sky and it was hazy too. Not the type of weather I was hoping for despite my praying every night for the past 1 month. But it all worked out for the best. Eric the photographer told us that sunny days mean that light is inconsistent and it may not be the best for outdoor shooting. The cloudy weather also allowed us to walk around and take more shots without being too hot and tired out, if we had sun.

Conclusion: Slightly cloudy days are better for outdoor shoots than extra bright sunny days.

Not to mention the wind which was billowing made for some really beautiful and natural shots especially those with my veil flying.

Our day started at 6am. We woke, showered, had a light bite and went to Paul’s house where the shoot was to take place. The make up artist arrived at 7am and started doing my hair & make up. Eric from Talking Pictures arrived at 9am and we were ready to shoot.

It was all very awkward at first but Eric really put us at ease and brought out the best in us for every photo. There was a lot of laughing and smiling and it’s true that it’s very tiring. But it was a lot of fun. The situations were simulated but the emotions were all real.

We were supposed to shoot for 2 to 3 hours as per the norm for an outdoor shoot. Eric found many interesting angles and we were going from the lobby to the entrance to the pool to the garden. For one shot, Paul and I went up to the garden on the 5th floor of the car park while Eric was on the ground floor shooting up at us. The purpose of that shot was to capture us at that certain angle with my veil flying in the wind. While we looked down, my make up artist was crouching behind the pillar and throwing my 14 feet long veil off the building. I’ve not seen the shots yet but I sure hope that Eric caught the right one. When dealing with nature like the sun and the wind, we don’t have much say.

But I have to say that the elements were in our favour that day.

We took so many shots, in so many locations within the condo area with 3 changes of dresses and hair styles on my part. And what's important is that we had so much fun in the process. So much so that we shot for 7 hours! We even shot through lunch without realizing it.

Here are some preview pictures. I was badgering Eric to send them to me as soon as we were done with the shoot because I wanted to have a look at them. So he sent a few, just as an appetizer while he edited and corrected the rest of the shots.

When Eric sent them today, I think he did a really good job. He then called me and asked if I liked them and I said I did, very much. He then proceeded to say “Good. Cos those were the bad shots!”. Hahahaha! If those were bad, I can’t wait to see the final touched up shots which Eric will be showing us in a day or 2.

For now, here are a few shots for you to preview. The rest will be posted up once I get my hands on them.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

News Break: Arrests

I’m not sure where this country is headed. Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim just got arrested a few hours ago. He was arrested even though he was supposed to go on his own to the police station because the police were afraid he would not show up. I’ve also been told that a prominent blogger will be arrested tomorrow morning if he does not show up at the police station at 10am. Will he be arrested ahead of time also? I’m not even stating his name here (even though most of you know who I’m referring to) out of fear of arrest myself!

Now there’s probably going to be even more protests and road blocks which will cause more traffic jams and so much more problems to the rakyat.

There’s no freedom of speech and bloggers especially have been criticized and all their posts monitored by the police. At any time they could accuse me of spreading rumours! Or arrest me for any reason because they can make it up. This is one reason why I was afraid to return to this country. Corruption abounds and everyone knows it.

It is through blogs that the raykat became more educated about the political scene. They were able to obtain information and make their own decision and judgements about politicians and the way this country is being run. Shouldn’t we know or have a say? It is our country after all. Instead, we’ve been told to be silent and to just remain loyal to king and country and to accept the supremacy of the constitution.

I don’t know what to say about this country anymore. Is it any wonder more and more young people are opting to get out of here and migrate to another country? The world is laughing at us and this country continues to be a circus to entertain the world.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Short Trip to Cherating

Paul & I were so stressed out with the wedding planning and the house moving that we just needed a break. So we went to Cherating for 4 days. That was 2 ½ weeks ago.

But as soon as we got back to KL, the running around not only continued but the list grew even longer.

Nevertheless it was a nice break while we were there. I left behind my To Do list and brought my bikini and beach towel in it's place.

We chose Cherating because it was the closest beach from KL by car and it’s not Port Dickson which is still horrible and dirty no matter what the time share marketers tell you about clean up and conservation efforts.

The lovely traffic free drive on the East Coast Highway.

After driving round to the various hotels like Best Western, Legend, Holiday Villa, Ranting Chalets, Swiaa Garden and more, we settled on Impiana Hotel in Cherating because it was the most value for money and one of the better looking ones. It’s about 15 years old and needs a new coat of paint and some maintenance but the service of the staff was really good, friendly and attentive.

The beach is usually totally empty except for one or 2 couples. Total bliss to have the place to ourselves!

Paul caught a crab and put it in my turtle bucket. Then he built a sandcastle and stepped on my sand turtle!

Trenton the Turtle looks at the different species of turtles and says hi to one of his cousins.

The monkeys watching me watching them every time we come into or leave the hotel grounds.

They have really REALLY huge sign boards in Cherating. Probably because people tend to fall asleep while driving due to the non existence of traffic.

Gotta go. Gotta pick up the laundry, check on manicure & pedicure package, buy more material to add on to the wedding dress and meet my mum’s friends from the UK for dinner.

Friday, July 04, 2008

A conversation on MSM Messenger with Marsupial

Bubbles Has A Slight Tan says:

Looqy is back! We’re going out for drinks tonight!

Bubbles Has A Slight Tan says:

Called Looqy. She's okay with Dsara Heights if u guys are

Bubbles Has A Slight Tan says:

Where to go in TTDI? all the places suck.

Bubbles Has A Slight Tan says:

Dont think Bamboo9 is a good place to catch up. Hahaha!

eayze - M.Kanashan ( OgilvyOne Worldwide) says:

in meeting..

eayze - M.Kanashan ( OgilvyOne Worldwide) says:

your messages are showing on the projector

eayze - M.Kanashan ( OgilvyOne Worldwide) says:


Bubbles Has A Slight Tan says:

Hahaha BYE

eayze - M. Kanashan (OgilvyOne Worldwide) appears to be offline. Messages you send will be delivered when they sign in.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Mng Called!

Speak of the devil! Mng just called and said that he’ll be emailing the quote soon! And just in time too! I was about to stop harrassing him for the quote because it just got too tiring.

Which Wedding Florist?

Most of the main sponsors and vendors for the wedding has been confirmed. I’m still looking and need to confirm suppliers for the smaller items such as the canopy, the fairy lights, someone to climb the big tree to hang the fairy lights and birds (yes, birds … I’ll tell you more about them if I decide to have them at the wedding).

The only main vendor which I’m nervous about not confirming yet is the florist. I truly don’t understand why florists can take a few months to come up with a quote.

I’ve received the quote from Ray Tan Art. I thought of them first because Ray Tan is part owner of Passion Road. But they are really expensive and they suggested that I rent some of the stands and propos from them. But after sourcing around myself, the rental of the items are about half the cost of actually purchasing it!

Mng Bouquets was recommended by some friends. Also, I often see the florist shop when I have dinner in Plaza Damas. Mng is lovely and I often pop in and have a chat or play with his cats. His flowers can stop you in your tracks literally. Once, I walked passed the opening of a new store in a mall. As usual, flowers on stands lined the entrance of the store. I was looking at them all when this one arrangement made me go “wow”. Upon looking closer and reading the card, it was from Mng Bouquets! This flowers are truly breath taking.But after 2 months and me constantly chasing him, I still don’t have the quote.

I also went to see Valerie of As You Like It Flowers. Several people in my agency use their services. And once, when I needed to buy a bouquet of flowers, I went to the shop and instead of asking me what kind of flowers I wanted, Val asked me to describe the person instead. From there, she picked the right flowers to suit that personality and the final outcome was – flowers that could not have suited the person any better!

As You Like It are suggesting red roses, green eustomas, white lilies, red berries and trailing ivy as my wedding flowers. And they even gave some picture references.

I’m off to dinner now and to scrutinize their quote. Hope to be able to confirm a florist soon. Then I can go into the intrinsic details with each vendor.