Wednesday, July 16, 2008

News Break: Arrests

I’m not sure where this country is headed. Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim just got arrested a few hours ago. He was arrested even though he was supposed to go on his own to the police station because the police were afraid he would not show up. I’ve also been told that a prominent blogger will be arrested tomorrow morning if he does not show up at the police station at 10am. Will he be arrested ahead of time also? I’m not even stating his name here (even though most of you know who I’m referring to) out of fear of arrest myself!

Now there’s probably going to be even more protests and road blocks which will cause more traffic jams and so much more problems to the rakyat.

There’s no freedom of speech and bloggers especially have been criticized and all their posts monitored by the police. At any time they could accuse me of spreading rumours! Or arrest me for any reason because they can make it up. This is one reason why I was afraid to return to this country. Corruption abounds and everyone knows it.

It is through blogs that the raykat became more educated about the political scene. They were able to obtain information and make their own decision and judgements about politicians and the way this country is being run. Shouldn’t we know or have a say? It is our country after all. Instead, we’ve been told to be silent and to just remain loyal to king and country and to accept the supremacy of the constitution.

I don’t know what to say about this country anymore. Is it any wonder more and more young people are opting to get out of here and migrate to another country? The world is laughing at us and this country continues to be a circus to entertain the world.


inspireme said...

Our country's politics are in a havor now. I guess ppl from other country must be thinking that we are hilarious.. wad a shame

Bubbles said...

It is indeed. How can we should Malaysia Boleh when all we're doing now is hiding our faces in shame.