Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chukai Zanmai

Another interesting place makan place I’ve discovered is Chukai Zanmai which just opened in Plaza Damas. Yes, they’re of the same group as the popular Sushi Zanmai, Rakuzen and Kura in One World Hotel.

Paul & I found out about it from Mng of Mng Bouquets whos florist shop is just opposite Chukai Zanmai which is the same row as Starbucks in Damas. He told us that the opening promo is 50% off everything on the menu (except for desserts). Half price on Jap food? Too good to be true right? So we had to go and we ordered:

The menu

Interior of the restaurant

Chuka Idako

‘Sui kow’ (water dog) soup

Salmon sashimi in some kinda Chinese sauce

Seafood noodles

Fried soft shell crab

Fried chicken

Crab meat omelette in vinegar

Garlic fried rice in a stone pot and ‘cooked’ at your table

The full spread

Black sesame ice cream in wafer shell

We felt that the taste of the food was so-so. A few dished were rather bland. But then we talked to the manager, Jon Cheang, and found out that the food is actually Japanese and Chinese fusion. That’s why there are a lot more noodles and not as much sushi or sashimi. The service was superb though but that’s only cos we hogged Jon’s time and not the other waiters.

We ate all of that and the bill came up to RM108 only!

We’ll definitely go back there again if only for value for money Jap food!

Don’t have their number but the website is www.superdining.com.my. Unfortunately the Chukai Zanmai contact details aren’t even on it!

They have not specified how long the promo is on for but it could be until their official opening on 8 August 2008.

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