Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween! My Jack O Latern is Full

Unfortunately my Halloween party had to be postponed due to Revelation which in hindsight, my party could have been more happening and definitely would have lasted past 1am!

Thinking of a Halloween themed Christmas party now .......

As usual, went Trick Or Treating round the office. I went round to only one floor and my Jack O Lantern was full already! Everyone is always so nice, giving me candy, chocs and more. And those who didn't have candy, gave me money!

Last year, Steve gave me RM2.

This year, i got a total of RM5 from Primus, Fong and Edmund!

Based on this, next year is going to be an even better Halloween!

No major plans for tonight since Halloween falls on a Tuesday. But there is a Halloween party at Laundry at 9pm. Thinking of going with Random Kevin.

Marsupial and i were discussing his nic and agree that tho he's random, he likes soya beans. And Soya Bean sounds funnier. So he should be called Soya Bean Kevin from now. :)

Soya Bean Kevin! Hurry up with work and lets go.

Monday, October 30, 2006

What Revelation Revealed

Saturday 28th October 2006

The rave of the year is finally here! Drove down with PsychoWhenDrunk Raj to meet the rest of the gang.

We started drinking in the room and as you can see, was a whole lot of fun.

2 ppl puked even before we left the room to head to the rave before 11pm .... ..i won't mention names....

Marsupial & Random kevin locked out at the balcony
PsychoWhenDrunk Raj not drunk yet
PWD Raj drunk
PWD Raj shows us he's not drunk and that he can balance on his head. Don't know if Finnish Asun was trying to knock him over.
No clue what PWD Raj is trying to do to Blue-Eyed Kim or why Randon Kevin was in cahoots.

Don't have that many pics cos everyone was snapping each other. Send them over guys so i can post them up!

And notice that all the pics were taken in the room. Why? Cos Revelation revealed that:
- Naughy by Nature didn't show and most of us went esp for them
- they only served beers so our high couldn't be maintained
- network was so congested that we lost part of the group and couldn't contact then for a few hours
- and the event CLOSED AT 1AM! Apparently the authorities came to shut it down and didn't give any reason to the organizers (but we all know why, don't we?)

So at 1am sharp, we all walked back to the condo which was like miles and miles away. I'm sure it was miles away if the A Famosa area spans 520 hectres and the condo was on the opposite end from the rave.

Made it back, mood was ruined so everyone eventually went to sleep. Didn't even have the mood to drink some more.

What a party. Sad to say that i had more fun at the Hotlink party a few months ago, also held at the same venue.

Apprehensive about Revelation 5 next year.

Alcohol creates love

Friday 27th October 2006

The night started out quietly at Luna till Sainthy rightly broguht up that once everyone had a lil to drink, they'll wanna party.

So we headed to Heritage Row. First to Mojo, then Ivy and finally settled at Savanh where we all got high and took pics w/ some strangers. Alcohol just makes you love the world!

Pickles Baby doing his dance

Susan and half of Bubs

(Alcohol also makes your hand eye coordination a lil wonky)

Susan, Raj and Bubs and a stranger in the middle
Sainthy and half of Bubs

More strangers
I mist say that this was one of the better nights out after a very long and dry non clubbing spell. i love it! :)

Friday, October 27, 2006

What will tomorrow reveal?

Thursday was a tough day to kickstart after 5 days of hols. But lo and behold, its Fri already! I'm leaving the office to go for dinner, possibly some mild drinks, for tomorrow is Revelation in Malacca!

For those who didn't get the email notice, my Halloween party has been postponed. No point competing w/ Revelation. 100 ppl dressed in costumes vs 20,000 ppl jumping around. No fight.

Posts and pics when i get back! Have a great weekend everyone!

Taylors Reunion

Wednesday 25th Oct

The last day of the Deeparaya hols! Where did all the days go? At least the holiday ended up on a nice note. Drinking at a Taylors Reunion with the old gang, mainly members of the Tomato Family and its associates. It's amazing how we can retell the same stories over and over again when we meet each year, and still laugh till our jaw and tummy hurts. I love u guys fellow Tomatoes. Sainthy, be careful there in Romania less the Count comes after u. Won't be so bad if u meet some of his vamps tho, huh? I'm coming to to visit next summer!

Bubbles drives an E Class

Tuesday 24th Oct

Ah. It's lovely to drive around KL on the first day of Hari Raya. Went for Jap buffet at Saisaki w/ Paul the Tigger. Must say that thats one of the best, in terms of range and value, Jap buffets I've been to. Ya, know its been around for ages but I'm so not a KL girl. I may technically live in KL but I'm a PJ girl at heart.

Andrew came to pick me up in his (replacement since the C Class is in the workshop) E Class to go to Luna. Was really bored and listened to music on my phone whole i danced by myself. But in the end got roped in to play some card drinking game called either 'Up or Down' or 'Bigger or Smaller' ... something like that. We all got a lil high but Bernie got an unfair advantage sicne he can just take the lift down and crash into bed.

After he left, we all decided to call it a night. But Andrew was almost comatose by then so i had to drive the E Class. Eeek! It's full of bells and whistles. Initially didn't know how to turn off the lights or release the break. But once i got it going, it was surprisingly easy to drive!

Dropped Andrew back home and drove myself back.

Wednesday, 26th

Woke up, drove the E Class to Andrew and thoroughly enjoyed the smooth ride. No no no! Don't convert me! I'm a Beemer Girl!

But i think i could get used to it ....... U think?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Happy bday Beryl! Man U wins 2-0!

Sunday 22 October 2006

Driving in KL during a long festive season is amazing. U can drive at 120kmh on roads u usually manage at 40kmh. Plus no cops. Doesn't the road look beautiful? When do u ever see Jalan Bukit Bintang looking like this except during long stretches of holidays?

Had champagne lunch w/ Paul the Tigger @ Prego. This is the life. Looks like this will be the norm from now on. Free flow of champagne, apple martini, lychee martini, sangria, wines etc gives u a good buzz by mid afternoon. Having the Starwood member card helps when it gives u 50% off! :)

Problem is once u are buzzing at 3pm in KL, what else do u do to maintain the high? Well i sure couldn't think of anything so i went back for a nap :) What a waste of alcohol, eh?

Woke up, met Red Dod, Ivan, Colin and gang in Bangsar to watch the Man U v Liverpool game (by the way Man U won 2-0 Kekeke!) then went to Gombak for Beryl's b'day.

There were so many candles on the cake that u couldn't see much of the cake.

After the party, headed back to Bangsar to meet Red Dog and the gang for more drinks and dance to some crappy music at Bar Flam. Ivan was wearing a T shirt w/ copy i didn't understand. Can't stand perplexing copy which i don't get even tho it prob doens't have a meaning. Is that a brand? Or a type of monkey? And he was holding his banana so smugly. Couldn't take it so i punched the monkey. Poor Ivan.

Bubbles Clubbing Mode is On

Friday 20th Oct 2006

After Ghetto last night (the coming out of Bubbles Non Clubbing Mode 3.0) sleeping for only 2 1/2 hours, the body was naturally a lil weak so Friday night out was milder.

Got calls to go to Velvet, Ivy, Atrium, Loft and Savanh. Guess ppl found out i was out of my non clubbing mode. Hahaha!

Decided to ditch Velvet since the rest of the spots were at Heritage Row. Bar hopped for a while but ended up in Savanh where Sainthan n Vigknesh was. Sainthan was back for the Deepavali hols and he's not working in Romania. I asked if Count Dracula was there n he said the castle was. How cool is that? Unfortunately there weren't any Kate Beckinsdale look a ikes there (ala Van Helsing). Kekeke.

Also saw Red Dog and gang. Not seen him in a while. We had a dance or 2. He's one of those guys whom i can truly dance with. Not many guys in KL can groove. :( And for those who can, they tend to want to lead but with Red Dog, we move in sync so easily.

Left the club just before 3am.

See u again Sainthan before u leave for Romania. And by the way I'm coming to visit next year! :)

Friday, October 20, 2006

The end of Bubbles Non Clubbing Version 3.0

Last night marked the end of Non Clubbing Version 3.0

It's been about 1 1/2 month of not clubbing. By my definition, stepping into a club does not constitute clubbing. Was having this conversation with Gary Banana.

Gary Banana: What do u mean???!! If u go to a restaurant and u eat, u r having a meal right?
Bubbles: Not if i go and have a light bite. Then it's a snack and not a meal. :D

Went with Marsupial and Jas to Ghetto and met up with more friends. Thought it was going to be a chilled night and was planning to take it slow since I've not been clubbing for more than a month and that says a lot!

Thought i needed to be eased into it but apparently not! I felt my clubbing mojo flowing back!

3 bottle between 9 of us, we were feeling a happy tipsy high and laughed at everything. Don't u love that feeling?

After Marsupial and i screamed for siew yoke meen, we finally ended up eating bak kut teh some where in KL cos the driver had final say. Kinda too drunk to remember where we ended up.

Got home at 6am.

Woke up at 8.30pm for work.

Bubbles is back baby!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Do fish get bored?

Seated here in front of the fish tank at the Rainforest in 1U having a smoke and waiting for Adam of the Pillar to arrive for buka puasa. It's 730pm .... past buka puasa time (think its 701om 0r 704pm today?) but he did say that he's stuck in traffic in KL. Oh well i have about half hour more to kill till his ETA.

Checked out the new Gap boutique opened at 1U yesterday. Nothing much that caught my eye. Also the prices were exorbitant. And the fact that Gap is cheap stuff in the States but we pay premium price when it gets here. Like Topshop i guess. It highstreet wear in the UK and here its like this great brand. Cost of living here in KL is just so high. Dollar for dollar, we're losing out. GBP1.50 for a latte at Starbucks but RM9.98 here in M'sia? Not fair when we earn about the same, dollar for dollar.

Anyway very broke right now. Bought too many new toys which I'm enjoying tremendously but I'm paying for it now. Good thing there's free wifi most places these days. Like right now. I can blog while waiting for Adam.

Wonder if fish every get bored. They swim around in a little tank. Well the ones here get a big tank but what about those in small little aquariums at home? And do gold fish really have a 3 second memory? And whats the plural for ‘fish’? Still ‘fish’ right? When do we use ‘fishes’ then?

Oh-oh. This small kid is looking at my screen. Now he’s jumping up and down on the bench I’m sitting on. Why do kids gravitate towards me when I don’t favour them all that much?

I’m ignoring him.

He’s still jumping.

I took a pic of him.


Hahaha! He’s gone.

So I’m sitting here looking at fish, blogging, watching Robbie on the telly. I like Rude Box. Still sore that he's not coming to Asia.

Where’s Adam? I’m hungry ………….

Monday, October 16, 2006


- dinner w/ Andrew in Bangsar
- drinks w/ old childhood friend, Jason, & friends @ Decanter Too
- drinks @ Riblee's for Ken's farewell
- drinks w/ Colin @ Finnegans Hartamas
- almost had drinks @ Clear but they were closed by the time we got there

- can't remember what i did in the day
- dinner w/ Charlie @ Tarbush, Starhill (dinner was yummy and i no longer boycourt the place cos smoking is now allowed in all the F&B outlets there)
- drinks w/ Charlie @ 7AteNin9
- clubbing @ the newly renovated Rain, Modestos w/ Shan & Jas. Raj & Teoh were there. Also met Ravin & Mohan from college.

- breakfast @ Taman Aman Park w/ Colin while walking his dog Cael
- lunch w/ Patrick @ Friendster where we had coffee, learnt Photoshop, finalized the design of my Halloween Party invite, ate cake, talked about movies, learnt how to type out Chinese words using 'pin yin', got educated on hot Chinese film stars, drank more coffee smoked a pack of ciggies.

I did all of that in the last 48 hours and I'm bored! Michelle & Beryl are right, my attention span is getting shorter and shorter.

This is very worrying.

Usually clubbing gives me limitless joy. I go clubbing, have the time of my life each time, wake up and feeling fulfilled. The high sometimes evade me and i know I've come to the end of my clubbing cycle and i just stay home for a few weeks and lo and behold, clubbing is all new and exhilarating again.

But I've abstained from clubbing (some ppl have been telling me that my definition of 'not clubbing' is a lil off but thats another story) and now that I'm starting again, i walk into the club and NADA. The music doesn't hit me. The groove doesn't take over my body. The alcohol isn't as sweet. Whats happening????

Think thats what throwing me off. And losing concentration in everything else which i do. For the past 15 years, clubbing has always been my thing. Has it really hit me? Is it my time to retire? I'm scared! I don't want to leave!

Breathe. Or do a Larry and meditate (tho there's more than one meaning to his definition) (we all have different definitions for everything. This opens up the door to innuendos and misinterpretations) Anyway .... Arrrrgh ... See .... I'm getting bored and losing track again!

Okay. Breathe. Breathing.

I think and i hope that this is merely a longer down cycle. The joy will / should come back again. Meanwhile I've had a plethora of ideas, from myself and from friends, to keep me occupied in the meantime. Some ideas include:
- batting at the new baseball place @ 1U
- go diving (but thats next year after the monsoon season)
- colour more
- make plastercine figurines (or more cakes)
- volunteer @ PAWS
- explore new eateries (that starts this weekend w/ Paul the Tigger)
- walk friends' dogs
- do oil painting while drunk (I'm waiting for u to set this up Lola!)
- shoot guns (Think Selangor shooting range may be more fun that the one @ City Square)
- fly a plane
- throw myself off a plane (Australia next year!!!)

Think that will keep me occupied from the next week or 2.

More ideas anyone? Help me!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Drunken shopping

Yesterday is World International Tudung Day! As declared by Yasmin and i anyway. We were practising tudung wearing in prepartion of a presentation next week. Went for Mc Ds for lunch (wearing the tudung). Since it was the fasting month for Malays, i got many stares but didn't get stopped by anyone from the religious department. Boy did i confuse a lot of people!

After a long day at work, i was thankful that Andrew picked me up for drinks at Atrium for a Vulcain watch event organized by The Peak. The 'tudung' quickly got transformed into a peasant girl scarf for the event. Tada!

Was feeling kinda bored, drinking wine and feeling sleeepy till Lionel Lim gave a talk on whiskey appreciation. Chivas 18 years in particular. Now that perked me up! Told him that he needs to give me a loyalty card.3 wines, 1 whiskey, 3 mojitos and 1 caipiranha later, i was buzzing a little. Met Ti who owns a boutique at Plaza Mont Kiara and requested for him to open his shop. As i left Atrium, i walked out with a serving tray. Small cute one with a non slip surface. Looks like I'm still a klepto when under the influence.But a stop at Mc D to buy fries and a Hello Kitty Kubric toy first.
Then onto drunken shopping! Trying on clothes while trying to stand upright is kinda funny.
Ended up with a Polo Ralph Lauren pony polo t and CK underwear.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Patrick Who Saves the World After the Powerpuff Girls Go to Bed

Tuesday. Met Patrick for coffee at Friendster Cafe only to find out that it was his birthday on Monday 9th Oct! I didn't have a presents on me. And buying a cake is so normal. I did have a box of plastercine tho.

If you're asking what was i doing with a box of plastercine in my bag. All i can say is that i like to buy stuff that can keep me preoccupied. I also bought a gun recently. But i ran out of bb and it probably isn't advisable to carry it around. Or maybe it's fine, seeing its a toy. It is fine right? As long as i don't travel by plane
and get stop when they X ray the bags? Or simply point it at people at a cafe. Or at a bank. I'm hardly in a bank so that should be fine.

So an hour of planning and designing in my head, i made a blueberry birthday cake!

Now i have big plans in my head. I wanna make it bigger! And
with more colours. With more props. I could even stick a real candle in there! If i made the cake big enough that is. Or it would be very disporportionate.

From this cake making experience, i learnt that:
- its very hard to make with long nails
- bigger is easier

- but smaller is cuter
- i'm anal when it comes to art

Right now i can only make blueberry. But i should be able to make marble and banana cake too.
I'm so excited about this new thing! So this is my new and unique hobby. Plastercine cake making.

Okay who's birthday is coming up next?

Married and preggers in 3 years?

Gowri was back in KL on Saturday for a friends wedding and had a lil getogether at her place.

2 of my closest friends. Loony is pregnant. And Gowri got married a year back.

Granted I'm a few years their junior but i don't see myself in their positions any time soon. I must not succumb to the pressures of society!

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

While everyone went home early on Friday to have Mid Autumn Festival dinner with the family, i was still in the office :(

Was supposed to have dinner with Loony and thereafter walk around with lanterns. Guess its a strange sight to see adults do this as lanterns are usually carried by kids 7 years and below. Not like we care. We did it 2 years ago at the Taman Tun Park. And we managed to recruit almost 10 people. All adults. But the haze was exceptionally bad so Loony canceled.

Managed to get off to meet Andrew and Chua in Titanic for some drinks. Andrew was sweet enough to offer to walk round with me since i had the lanterns in the car. I held the dragon while he held the fish!

Then Razzie came over and i made him walk round with me too! So thats 2 rounds. I'm a happy bunny.

We had some an hour to kill before watching The Devil Wears Prada so we went to Vogue for some drinks.

45 minutes and a quarter bottle each later, we were giggling away. The show was either very funny or it was the whiskey doing the giggling.

An hour of giggling and the characters popping out at me later, i wanted to go home.

I'm watching the show again tomorrow. Sober.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Toby the Dolphin in Saatchi

Toby goes for a swim round the Saatchi office

Looking at the world thru rose tinted glasses

On a whim, i bought a pair of specs to wear for fun. Then change the perspex lenses to Hoya, non-powered in Rose Wine tint.

Tried it out this morning and the pinkish hue is lovely! I'm looking at the world thru rose tinted glasses. Litterally! :)

Jigsaw puzzles

Its been a month or so since i started blogging but i still maintain that those who blog have time on their hands! There's so much i wanna blog about in the past few days but didn't have time to do so till now. So I'm gonna back track a lil.

Wed 4 Oct

Had dinner with Andrew, Marlene & Deric at House Frankfurt. The 2 guys were busy talking shop and Marlene and i were bored so we each fixed a set of jigsaw puzzle.

Started off like this


And then we found out that nearly half the puzzle pieces were missing on both our sets! Spent half an hour and this is what I ended up with .....
What a bummer.