Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Amount of Work Done in One Day

The company is going for a trip to Chaing Mai. We leave this Fri and back on Sun. And due to the office being closed just that one day on Fri, the amount of work we have to do to make up for it is phenomenal. Not had much time to drink water, smoke, not to mention go to the loo today. It's amazing how much work we output in just one day. Gotta go. More work. Forever rushing. Guinness is great but it's killing me. I kinda miss save, secure, mundane Olay.

Monday, January 22, 2007

One Moment

Just before Christmas I spoke to God. I asked him for a man.

A man who would make me happy. Just looking at him would make me smile.

A man with face I can love more and more each day.

A man whom I can respect. One whom I can look up to. Literally and metaphorically.

A man with ambition and drive. To be strong and achieves what he wants.

A man who will take care of me. And let me take care of him in return.

A man who would hold my hand. And I’ll know that it’s a perfect fit.

A man with whom I’ll have similar interests yet see me as an individual.

A man who lived close by. And You granted that he lives up the road from me.

A man who’s kisses would send shockwaves down my spine. And make my skin tingle.

A man who would put me first as he will come first in my life.

A man who will share my hopes and dreams. And weave new ones together.

A man who’s the missing piece of the puzzle. Who’s the right fit for me.

A man who would love me as much as I love him.

A man who’s a man and not a boy.

Thank you God for sending me that very man.

The last week has been amazing, wonderful, weird and natural at the same time.

And it all happened in one single moment.

All that I’ve been through in life before this; all the ups and the downs. The joys and the frustration. The tears and the doubts. All the lessons learnt. They have all prepared me for this one single moment.

One moment. One life changing moment.

I can’t wait for the future to happen.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Commando Rabbit in the Jungle

Over the weekend, Commando Rabbit wanted to hone his millitery skills so we went into the jungle with Lionel Kokonut Soldier and Old Man Gus.

Commando Rabbit checks the vehicle to ensure there are no bombs and everything is in working order. We had to cross rought terrain which were blocked by falling trees, and 2 rivers to get to campsite.
Commanda Rabbits takes a rest after a long and hard day of travelling through the dangerous jungle. He sleeps with one eye open, just in case. You can't see the eye but it doesn't mean that he's not watching you. He was up all night gurading us while we slept, fending off all the wild animals.

Commando Rabbit surveys the terrain. He concludes that the campsite is safe to set up camp and is less prone to attacks. Or at least we will have access to fresh water and have a vantage point.
Commado Rabbit checking that the vehicle is in order so that we can make our way out of the jungle. Finally back into town, totally famished. Commando Rabbit takes a rest while waiting for lunch to be served. He had a good time hunting in the jungle in stealth mode. He is after all, a Commando Rabbit.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Forgive Me Flowers

Today i received a beautiful bunch of flowers (pics to be posted up soon. Didn't bring camera today). Came as a real surprise as it wasn't any special day for me. Flipped open the card and it was from someone who pissed me off real bad yesterday.

Have not received 'Please forgive me' flowers before and really don't know what to make of it. Yes the flowers did make me smile as it was such a lovely sight in the middle of a very stressing work day. But whether I'm less angry, I'm not quite sure.

All i know is that the flowers were a right move.

I can smell the scent of the lilies as i type this.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

How to steal a Spring Onion

Monday 8 Jan 2007

Sin Cyn, Michelle Shell, Salt Boy Soon Min and I were at our favourite coffee shop in Sec 17 waiting for our food when Sin Cyn spotted a basket of spring onion. She commented that she was making baked potatoes that night and didn't want to buy a whole bunch from the store and that she only needed one stalk and wondered of she should take one stalk from the basket. She passed her hand bag over, Salt Boy unzipped it, I placed a stalk in and she zipped the bag up. We stole a spring onion!

Sin Cyn is the mastermind. Bubbles is the stealer. Salt Boy is the accomplice. Michelle Shell didn't do anything but she did witness it, so she's the accessory!

Malaysia & Singapore Vintage Car Register - 1st Meeting of 2007

Sunday 6 Jan 2007

Wijay says that I FFKed him in Dec for the MSVCR meeting. Didn’t exactly FFK him but I decided to go for this one in Jan even though it starts at 8 in the morning! On a Sunday! What a mad hour. And on a Sunday!

Anyway he was sweet to come n pick me up in his Triumph Spitfire. Such a sexy topless car. I maintain that this car needs a name. Mustard Bastard and Cyan Diane (I named her!) both have names so it’s really unfair that the Spitfire doesn’t have one. At least Wijay admits that she’s a ‘she’. So we can start working with that.

Arrived in Gazebo to meet the rest of the classic and vintage car drivers. There were a lot of lovely cars, some in immaculate conditions. Turnout was good. We had about 25 cars, from Minis to Opels to Austin Haleys to Beemers.

Karamjit Singh was there with his Opel. I forget the model.

Thereafter we drove to Klang for breakfast. It was a very nice drive with lovely weather. Wind in the hair with the top down kinda thing. I’m just missing my scarf and Jackie O sunglasses.

Michael is the head of the club and being an ex traffic cop, he has the police siren and the loud speaker in his vintage Volvo. So when the 25 cars were convoying, he stops his car in the middle of a roundabout, turns on the sirens, stops all other traffic and makes sure we all stay in convoy and no car is left behind! And once we’re along on our way, he’ll miraculously appear at the next roundabout or traffic light to stop traffic for us again! Michael, you the man!

Not sure if I’ll join them again in Feb (they meet every first Sun of the month) but I sure had fun. Maybe I’ll join them once I get the RX7 Savannah up and running.

Bubbles with a classic car

Bubbles's new friend, Ferri and his Ford. Ferri founded the Anugerah Gallery

Dying on the new account

Say hello to the new account manager on Guinness Malaysia! That is if i survive the role. P&G was such a nice, comfortable account to work on. And the Bubbles being Bubbles, got bored and had to find something more exciting. So here i am at work almost 8pm, not totally done with work yet. Good thing I'm nit hungry cos have been munching on Dunkin Donuts all day. I've not had a chance to blog at all for the past few days. So once again, here are some outdated posts.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Motherhood is surreal

Lil Baby Isabelle Halle Ng

Went to visit Fruitcake in the hospital and to see my god daughter. Not quite sure why they call babies bundles of joy. I was excited but didn’t know what to do with her except stare at her when she slept and look away when she’s screaming her lungs out. She’s kinda pink, smells flowery (that could be the baby powder tho) and feels like velvet.

I look at the baby Isabelle and it feels surreal that she is Fruitcake’s. That this whole new person, this baby, came from Fruitcake. And Fruitcake herself feels the same! Feels surreal that she had a baby and that she’s now a mother. Says it probably won’t sink in till the second kid comes along. Hahaha!

Guess some people are born for motherhood and are just dying to get pregnant. While it doesn’t come as naturally to others. I think I fall in the latter group.

Fruitcake and I discussed this a while ago. We’ll probably never really be ready to be a mother so just adopt the ‘Fuck it, just do it’ attitude.

And she’s gone ahead to do just that. So the next few years will prove whether we adopted the right strategy.

And for me, I’ll have a lil person to dote on to prep me for motherhood if it happens.

Honest Fucker

Recently I went out for drinks with a friend of a friend. He was tall (6ft2). Good looking with chiseled features. Chinese (I’ve always liked Chinese men. Marsupial says I’m in an ah beng phase tho I don’t totally agree. But of western nationality. Spoke good English. We were communicating on the same plane.

Almost sounds like the perfect guy. Especially since I can’t seem to find men Chinese men who are taller than me, what more when I'm in heels!

Until he brought up the topic of sex and invited me to his place for some action. And said that that was all he was looking for.

Another burst bubble. Oh well. At least he was an honest fucker.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Welcome Isabelle Halle

Got a call from Sonic Hedgehog Ed that Gerry the Fruitcake has delivered a healthy baby girl, my god daughter. Can't wait to see her. Wonder of Gerry is well enough for me to visit them at the hospital this evening. Yay to Baby Isabelle! Welcome to the world!

What I've Learnt in 2006

2nd Jan 2007

2006 has passed in a blink of an eye. Seems like time flies faster the older u get. And apparently once you have kids, it goes by even faster.

So here we are, 2 days into 2007. What has the last year thought me?

That life isn’t easy but we push on anyway.

That we are fearful but what matters is how we handle the fear.

That many people settle for less in life because they are scared of losing what they have now even though they have a chance to achieve what they truly desire.

That we should appreciate and preserve the past because it is through that that we are where we are now.

That I can’t eat cute looking food.

That people can promise you the world but until they bring it to you, it’s all lies.

That we can never truly follow a plan because Murphy’s always round the corner. But we need to plan anyway.

That I sometimes need to say no, even to friends.

That karma does actually happen, whether u know it or not.

That we can make time if something is important enough. “I’m busy” simply means “you are not a priority”.

That my parking prayer works even in the most high traffic areas.

That some people take longer to learn a lesson and need to make the mistake a dozen times before they learn it. But it’s a lesson they need to learn by themselves.

That I cannot be angry when a friend does not heed my advice. Even if it’s like watching helplessly as a car wreck happens in front of u. Sometimes, for several times till the car is totalled. All we can do is be there for the person while they recover from the hurt.

That people are cowards and rather avoid situations till it blows up in their face rather than take charge and fix the problem themselves.

That sometimes friends go away for a while but the true ones are those who return eventually.

That there’s heads and there’s tails but they’re still part of the same coin.

2006 was one of the toughest years for me despite how it looked from the outside. I would not have made it though the year was it not for certain friends.

To all my friends who have come and gone. To the friends who stayed through the good and the bad. To the friends who didn’t only call when they needed something or when their partners were not around. To all the friends who indulged my burst of energy and Bubble Moments.

I only hope that I was as much a friend to you as you were to me. I love you.

Happy 2007!

1st Jan 2007

First day of the new year! Happy New Year! Kevin the Random Soy picks me up 2 hours late. By which time I was starving. Most cafes and bistros were closed so we ended up in a coffee shop for some yummy pan mee. Thereafter we headed to Low Yat Plaza where we tried several tactics of negotiation before he purchased his Palm TX.

We were done by 3.30pm. I asked him if he still wanted to go to PD. And it was meant to be a day trip, mind you. He said yes so we headed out of the city. He took a wrong turn. And then another. Sorry, there were no wrong turns. He meant to take the scenic route

Eventually, we ended back in the city. So we called the trip off. And decided to play tourist.

We had Arabic tea is some Arabic Café.

Had Malacca coffee at Asia Café. Very authentic and quaint. Liked the old portraits. Checked out the antiques. Sadly, the people who go there are tourists. Locals don’t seem to appreciate our own heritage.

Went to Chinatown and bought a wand to complete my fairy outfit. It’s also to grant wishes for my god daughter on the day she is going to be born, just like the fairy god mothers in Sleepy Beauty.

Had teh tarik in Di Tebing near Merdeka Square. Have always driven past the place as it is very strategically located but have never thought to go there. We went anyway despite stares from a few Malay people, with that typically being their hangout and all.

Went to Coffee Bean Mont Kiara but every table was taken so we ended up in Starbucks.

Overall, a fun, interesting and relaxing day even though nothing went according to plan.