Saturday, January 06, 2007

Motherhood is surreal

Lil Baby Isabelle Halle Ng

Went to visit Fruitcake in the hospital and to see my god daughter. Not quite sure why they call babies bundles of joy. I was excited but didn’t know what to do with her except stare at her when she slept and look away when she’s screaming her lungs out. She’s kinda pink, smells flowery (that could be the baby powder tho) and feels like velvet.

I look at the baby Isabelle and it feels surreal that she is Fruitcake’s. That this whole new person, this baby, came from Fruitcake. And Fruitcake herself feels the same! Feels surreal that she had a baby and that she’s now a mother. Says it probably won’t sink in till the second kid comes along. Hahaha!

Guess some people are born for motherhood and are just dying to get pregnant. While it doesn’t come as naturally to others. I think I fall in the latter group.

Fruitcake and I discussed this a while ago. We’ll probably never really be ready to be a mother so just adopt the ‘Fuck it, just do it’ attitude.

And she’s gone ahead to do just that. So the next few years will prove whether we adopted the right strategy.

And for me, I’ll have a lil person to dote on to prep me for motherhood if it happens.

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