Tuesday, April 29, 2008

MPH Warehouse Sale 30 April - 5 May 08

I’ve been waiting for a book warehouse sale for ages and tomorrow is the MPH warehouse sale. It’s on from tomorrow till 5 May in Kelana Jaya. There’s an extra discount for MPH members tomorrow only but I’m away on a meeting with the clients to discuss next year’s Game Plans for the entire day in KL and will definitely not be able to go to the sale before nor after my training.

I know I have about 30 unread books at home but that’s besides the point isn’t it?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Cold Storage in Solaris Mont Kiara

The Cold Storage at Mont Kiara Solaris is really cool and doesn’t look like any super market I’ve seen in Malaysia before. In fact it reminds me of Tesco (the UK version and not the hyper market we have here). It’s big and bright when you walk in and among the first few things you see are fresh flowers followed by fresh produce. There were a lot of imported products and I even found flavoured cream cheese. That’s something I’ve been looking out for but could not find in Village Grocer or the other Cold Storages.

Paul and I went during their opening on 24th April 2008. We spent RM100 and received a RM10 voucher. The staff were efficient, friendly and helpful.

I agree with their motto, except ‘Value’. The products were super expensive!

But it was nice to see brands like Tetley Tea and Walkers Crisps here. It is a place for a good shopping experience. If you can afford it.

Friday, April 25, 2008

L'Oreal Consumer Products Warehouse Sale 24-25 April 2008

For those who are planning to go for the L’Oreal Consumer Products warehouse sale at the Hamodal Building today, it’s the last day! But really, don’t bother. Sin Cyn, Michelle Who Stays On The Seashore and I went after lunch yesterday. We had to drive up and down the road several times to find a parking amidst massive traffic jams and in the end had to double park.

We went up, took out our wallets, mobile phone and other valuables, stuffed them into our pockets and checked our hand bag in at the counter. We walked in and there wasn’t a lot of stuff left! And this was just 4 hours after the sale started. There were no more shampoos except for the L’Oreal Elseve Multi Vitamins. And there were no more men’s products either. Guess it’s not too surprising because we saw people carrying carton boxes of purchases out when we were leaving.

So we ended up buying some lip glass, some moisturisers, some mascara and headed back to the office.

I always wondered why some companies like cosmetics have warehouse sales when their products are perfectly fine and probably just one year old from manufacture date. And since these products usually have a 2 year shelf life, they are perfectly fine and can be bought at a 30% to 50% discounts!

In Cyn tells me it’s ‘cos L’Oreal has a policy that any product not sold after a period of time is either destroyed or sold. A pretty good policy to me!

Anyway the L’Oreal sale at the second half of the year apparently is much better. Look out for the next one then!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Reasons To Leave A High Flying Job In Saatchi To Be A Barista At Starbucks

- I'll be working part time so I'll have a lot more flexibility

- I can not show up for work if I want to as long as I give them 4 hours notice

- I'll learn a new skill, making coffee professionally

- I've always liked Starbucks as a company

- I get to learn more about the company and the brand first hand

- I can have all the coffee I want to drink for free

- I get 30% off the merchandises

- I really want the apron

- Stress is minimal

- If there is stress, I can leave it behind as soon as I finish work

- I can walk to work and save on parking and petrol!

- The people there are really nice .... I've gone to talk to them about the job several times since I hang out there for coffee a lot

- I'll have time to rest up and relaxed and put back what Saatchi has taken out of me

- I'll have time to go to the spas, something I've not done in ages because I don't have time

- I"ll have time to go for facials so that I'll look nice and radiant for the wedding

- I'll have time to plan the wedding

- I'll have enough sleep

- I won't have pimples on my face

- I'll stop crying in the office due to anger and frustration.

Sounds good to me!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Broken Office Chair

I’ve tried it all. The happy shoes, the super high heels, the bright coloured dresses, going for a fish spa..... and what did I end up with? 4 huge pimples on my face and a broken office chair. The chair didn’t break due to my anger or frustration. I just pulled it out from under the table when I got into work and the back portion fell clean off the seat. I burst out laughing! Maybe it’s time to get a new chair? Or maybe it’s a sign for me to leave the company?

I’m just itching to leave aren’t I?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Mc Ds 3 Meals In A Row

I love Mc Ds but I don’t think I’ve ever eaten it 3 meals in a row before. We had a videoconference during lunch time at the client’s office yesterday so they ordered Mc D’s for us. And I finished work so late last night that most places were closed so Paul & I had lunch at Mc Ds near the house. It was there that we got 2 coupons for free Sausage Mc Muffins due to Mc Ds new campaign. So this morning I swung by to Mc Ds to get my free muffin before coming to work.

Frankly I’m feeling a bit sick now.

One of the other teams was out for research today and brought back a barrel of KFC. I usually loooove the smell of KFC but this time, I felt like puking.

Guess the movie Supersize Me Is true. Eating too much fast food really does make you sick.

But I’m working suck late hours these days. How do I eat healthily and exercise like I know I should? As soon as I’m done with work, I just want to go home and crawl into bed but as soon as I’m hiding under to covers, I can’t sleep because my mind is still at work.

I’m not having fun at work anymore. And again, the Starbucks idea is becomes even more appealing.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vegetarian Wednesdays - Week 2

Today marks my second week of Vegetarian Wednesdays. And I must say that it’s really not that bad. To turn fully vegetarian will be too drastic and my body will be in shock. I may even kill a pig with my bare hands to get to my bacon! But being a vegetarian is a long term plan and I’m doing pretty well. So far on Vegetarian Wednesdays I still eat seafood with the other vegetables / grains / roots / mushrooms. Eventually I’ll cut out all meat on Vegetarian Wednesdays. And then I’ll add on another vegetarian day and then another day and maybe I’ll be full vegetarian in 10 years time!

Today for lunch Sin Cyn and I went to Genki Sushi and we ordered a dish neither of us had before. It was a bowl of vinegared rice, pickles, crab stick, egg, smoked salmon & salmon in some kinda pasty salmon cream thing. For Genki Sushi, it was extremely yummy and we’re definitely going back there for more. RM13.80 a bowl only. And it comes with miso soup too though that’s nothing to shout about. But still very yummy.

I’ve told my Future MIL about very Vegetarian Wednesday and she’s been very encouraging. She’s even asked me to try to get Paul to do it but I think that’ll take more than 10 years. She’s cooking dinner tonight. In fact, she’s cooking right now so I’m going to leave the office now and head home. See ya!

Bad Day Despite Good Hair Day & New Shoes

I woke up to a good hair day. And you know how good hair days make you feel on top of the world and nothing can weight you down. Nothing at all!

That is until I got to work. Work these days has been a major downer for not only me but so many of my other colleagues too. It’s just become tiresome, bothersome and loathsome. It’s harder to wake up in the morning. And when I do wake on time, I rather stay in to do household chores. I watered the plants and washed the toilets this morning. That’s now bad it is.

And when we get to work, we’re just waiting for lunch time. And when we’re back from lunch, we’re just waiting to go home. The fun and the joy is non existent. And we don’t know what happened.

To make ourselves feel better, Sin Cyn and I went shoe shopping. And how can a good hair day AND new pretty shoes equal a bad day no matter what? That’s a double dose of happiness! I bought a pair of ballet pumps with diamante skull on it. I shall wear that to the client’s place when I feel particularly hostile towards them.

I also bought a happy purple one with gold link chains. Don’t think I had a purple pair before.

We were pretty happy in Nose (yeah I went back there despite their bad quality and bad service but they have really nice designs even tho they fall apart soon enough) trying on more than a dozen pairs. When bought the shoes and came back to the office and all that negatively in the hit hit is right in the face.

I don’t understand. How can the combination of a good hair day and new shoes not help elevate our mood. Guess things in the office really have reached an all time low.

Starbuck seems like more and more of a good idea now.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Ashley Does Brazil(ian)

On Saturday, Ashley proved that he’s a man of his word (finally! Or we'll be calling him Pussy Ashley from now).

It all started much earlier in the year when Ashley made a bet with Paul. Ashley said that from the period of January to June 2008, he would not drink any alcohol as long as he’s in Klang Valley or Selangor. Since he runs a travel agency and is overseas a lot, he probably thought he could get away with it. A month and a bit into the betting period, during CNY, Ashley drank alcohol.

So after 2 months of teasing, pushing, threats and nagging on Facebook for the whole world to read, he finally agreed to fulfill his part of the deal.

Last Saturday, a few of us met at Strip Bangsar and Ashley went in for his Brazlian wax.

At first he tried to cheat and went there earlier than his appointment time so that we won’t hear his screams, I’m guessing. Anyway by the time we got there, he only did a bikini wax which wasn’t the deal at all! So he went back in for a full Brazilian and he even got a pattern done.

Way to go Ashley!

For the guys who are interested in a Brazilian, yes it will hurt like f*** but according to Ashley, it’s worth it and he’s feeling smooth like silk down there. Hahaha!

Bubbles the Vegetarian Wannabe.

I ate a bowl of salad last night for dinner. A BIG bowl. And I finished every leaf. The tuna and peach dressing helped it all go down.

And I plan to do it more often. So uncharacteristic of someone who doesn’t like to eat vegetables, huh?

People usually become vegetarian for 3 reasons:

  1. For religious reasons
  2. For health reasons
  3. Because they love animals

I’m doing it for Reason Number 3. As much as I love my bacon and siew yoke, I do feel bad for the piggy who died cos I want to eat him. I’ve always felt this way but he tastes so good!

And the secondary reason why I’m doing this is for Reason Number 2. My doctor told me to cut out bacon and eat healthily right?

So now I have 2 reasons, hopefully strong enough to make me turn part vegetarian.

Okay there’s no such thing as part vegetarian but it’s a start. Vegetables are just not yummy. Nor filling!

2 hours after the large bowl of salad, I was hungry. So I ate corn flakes and low fat milk (yeah I’ve switched (or trying) to low fat milk too. It tastes yuck!).

I was then fairly full but extremely unfulfilled.

Maybe it just takes a while for the body to make the switch and crave for less meat. I’m going to try introducing Vegetarian Wednesdays into my life. One day per week of no meat can’t be that bad. Oh, animal by products and seafood will be allowed though. Can’t expect me to make such a strict and drastic switch.

Right now I’m thinking: What’s the point of being healthy but feel unsatisfied in life?

But for the last 31 years of my life, I’ve been eating extremely unhealthily. I hardly eat vegetables and can eat 500g of fried crispy bacon per seating. And a large bowl of fried lard when I eat Hokkien mee is a must.

Maybe it is time to take a more moderate stance in my diet now so that I don’t have to completely cut bacon from my diet in the future.

I love bacon. But poor pig.

Yes it’s a tough internal struggle. I’m confused. My body’s confused.

It’s not Wednesday. I’m going for lunch. And eat some meat.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Saatchi Is Making Me Ill

Saatchi is making me ill. Literally. There’s been a lot of work since work on the pitch started. And a lot of Xploring (a proprietary Saatchi research tool) are ongoing for various jobs. The latest one involved going from one coffee shop to another looking for random 35 – 45 year old Chinese men who drink Guinness and showing them some creative work to get their feedback.

The last time I did that, I finished work at 12.30am after roaming the streets for 5 hours. We didn’t have time to eat and we had to endure men who were drunk, sarcastic and / or stupid.

And I end up with a massive headache and cold sweat the next day. Paul’s mum was so sweet to make me pork and dried scallop porridge which Paul delivered to my place last night. I went to bed at 9pm and after 12 hours of sleep, I feel much better today.

Sometimes I feel so stressed in my job that I just wanna say ‘fuck it’ and throw my letter in. Maybe I’ll just quit and go work in Starbucks. I spend a lot of my time there anyway and I’ve always wanted to be a barista. That’s also the only way I can get the Starbucks apron ‘cos you can’t buy it with money. Plus, I’ll get 30% off the products.

Sure it’s not a lot of money. Full time staff get RM1,100. And part time staff get about RM800+. That’s before tax & EPF deduction. But I get those perks as mentioned above and if I work part time, I’ll have more flexible hours. The small money I earn plus my savings will just tie me over if I wanna quick Saatchi and work in Starbucks for a few months. Maybe I should do it just before the wedding so that I won’t be so stressed out and I’ll have time to go for many spa sessions too.

Hmmmm …. I was about to post this when my boss came up to me and gave me a long hug. I asked him if he was drunk (we just had a Creative Review which involves 30 mins of looking at the latest ads followed by 3 hours of drinking). To which he replied “No-No. You’re on FIRE!”

Okay. Either he really was drunk or he knows how much stress I’m in over the past few weeks.

Anyway, there’s more Xploring tonight (different from the one we did at the coffee shops) and it takes place at Somo. It’s about men and masculinity. I’ve got my strategic planners from Singapore, some bosses, colleagues and friends attending. There will be a few questions asked and dozens and dozens of Guinness pints downed.

I hope I survive the night tonight.

The only consolation is that tomorrow’s Xploring involves Ashley going for a Brazilian wax due to a bet he lost to Paul. I thought that it would be an interesting idea to get my strategic planners to meet with Ashley and talk to him about his experience. Ashley is still trying to wrangle his way out of it.

Will definitely blog about it! Read more here. Till then, have a great weekend everyone!

Pics from Passion Road

Passion Road truly is gorgeous and such a perfect venue for the wedding. At least the wedding planner and friends who have been there before think so. Here’s the plan, to give you a sneak preview.

This is the main entrance.

And this is for the marriage registry and blessing ceremony.

This area is for guest registration or where the band will play.

Or maybe this is where the band will play. And the canopy area will be for the DJ console.

The dining area.

Decor on the dining table.

This is pretty lighting to set the mood. Fairy lights will be added every where to add to the theme.

And this is one of my favourite angles of the place.

Or maybe it's this view from the balcony where I'll be throwing the bouquet from.

It even has a view of KLCC!

Patricia The Wedding Planner, her partner & I briefing Josh the Passion Road Manager.

The wedding planner is sending the agenda over the weekend.

Yup, everything is falling into place indeed.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Wedding Plans Are Coming Together Finally

Paul, the wedding planner & I went to Passion Road on Saturday to recce the place and to make a deposit (I can’t let what happened at Courtyard happen again!). The place is so much more beautiful than Courtyard Garden. Plus the people are so much nicer, helpful and accommodating too.

And yes I have a wedding planner! She’s Patricia from Wedding Planners Malaysia, who came highly recommended by Melvin Kuo. And her husband does fabrication work and is now figuring out how to make wings. Fairy wings! And they’re going to be pinned onto the back of my dress instead of being looped round the arms like the kiddy wings found at Toy’s R Us. So much more magical and fairy like!

I’ve also bought the bridesmaid dresses. They are shimmery tube dresses. Baby pink for Fruitcake, the Maid of Honour and maroon for Cyn Sin and Michelle Who Stays on The Seashore the other bridesmaids. I liked the dresses so much that I bought extra. I can’t decide if I should have more bridesmaids. If at the end of the day, I don’t have enough bridesmaids to fill the dresses, I’m gonna keep the dresses for myself!

Shell and I were smoking in the stairwell one day and I was telling her that I need to audition a few bands and to hire one to play at the wedding. Then Gary, a writer from a different department who was smoking there too, just turned around and said he’s in a band and is sure that his band members would wanna play at my wedding for free. Then I discovered that I knew all of the other band members …. I just didn’t know they were in the band together! The band is called ‘Don’t Make Ian (fuckin) Cry’. I’ve yet to find out the story behind the name. And yes, one of the band members is indeed called Ian.

So all in all, the wedding plans are coming together so well. I now just need to brief the copy writers and art directors to come up with the masthead and I can’t start doing up my wedding website and send the invites out.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Stop smoking. Stop bacon. Start having kids.

Work has been really psychotic these days. I’ve not had much time to feed & pet Billy (please go pet & feed him!), blog or concentrate on wedding planning.

Besides the stress from work and lack of sleep, I’m also supposed to “Stop smoking. Stop bacon. Start having kids”. Doctor’s advice.

Paul & I went for a full medical check up and the doc tells us that our cholesterol levels are high and we should watch what we eat. He gives us a list of foods to avoid and they include: bacon (this will be the toughest of all), char kway teow, duck, egg yolks, potatoes (no more Mc D fries??!!), whole milk (but low fat milk is disgusting & diluted!), butter (margarine is fake and yucky!), potato chips (I have a few bags of Lay’s at home!) and about 80 other items.

For people like Paul & I who dislike vegetables, this is going to be tough indeed.

And no more eating excessively like so (This is the usual portion for Paul & I. Not having enough space on the table for the plates is normal for us):

And I’m 31 so I gotta start trying for a kid soon if I want one.

Sigh. I’m hungry and stressed. Going for dinner now. A fat free, non fried, limited red meat & carbo dinner. Where does that leave me? Steamed tofu? Ewwww!