Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Reasons To Leave A High Flying Job In Saatchi To Be A Barista At Starbucks

- I'll be working part time so I'll have a lot more flexibility

- I can not show up for work if I want to as long as I give them 4 hours notice

- I'll learn a new skill, making coffee professionally

- I've always liked Starbucks as a company

- I get to learn more about the company and the brand first hand

- I can have all the coffee I want to drink for free

- I get 30% off the merchandises

- I really want the apron

- Stress is minimal

- If there is stress, I can leave it behind as soon as I finish work

- I can walk to work and save on parking and petrol!

- The people there are really nice .... I've gone to talk to them about the job several times since I hang out there for coffee a lot

- I'll have time to rest up and relaxed and put back what Saatchi has taken out of me

- I'll have time to go to the spas, something I've not done in ages because I don't have time

- I"ll have time to go for facials so that I'll look nice and radiant for the wedding

- I'll have time to plan the wedding

- I'll have enough sleep

- I won't have pimples on my face

- I'll stop crying in the office due to anger and frustration.

Sounds good to me!

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