Friday, December 29, 2006

Mix Mingle & Match, among friends

Thurs 28 Dec 2006

Went for the Mix, Mingle and Match party at Attic. It happens every Thursday but I’ve yet to attend any despite the smses every week. I need to create totally new circles, and not just extend my circle of friends. New people whom I don’t know and are linked to me by a minimum of 3 degrees of separation. Fat chance that’s going to happen in KL, huh?

When I arrived, I realized that I already knew 70% of the people there. Where does one go to meet new people?! Maybe I should get out of town for a bit.

On the way back, stopped by at Somo for one drink and to see who was there. Saw Jeremy Viva and had a drink with him. Then also saw Simon Notti Skunk’s FiancĂ© and had a drink with him and his friends. Then Fairy comes along and we ended up playing Chor Tai Ti with Ken and Vincent till way past closing.

Somo is now my official neighbourhood bar / second home.

Christmas Eve 2006

Sun 24 Dec 2006

Had one of the most amazing meals in this entire year tonight. After several days of indecision, Marsupail and I finally settled on Christmas Eve dinner at Somo which was such a wise choice. The set meal consisted of a sparkling wine, soup, sashimi, sushi, roasted lamb, kobe beef, ice cream with brandy, red wine and a handful of other dished. All for only RM160. Such fantastic value. By the 6th course, Jas, Marsupial and I were totally stuffed. We stayed for the countdown where Andrew was on the bar screaming at everyone. Then there were hugs and kisses and clinking of glasses all round.

Agnes and i all Christmassy!

Sorry Andy for telling u that u r tall and cute 17 times (apparently). But you are very tall..... And cute. Keke!

Ken and i ..... getting there.
Ken, Fairy and i looking very pei.After that we went off to a pool party at Jalan Gasing. One of the most mellow Christmases I’ve experienced but nice nonetheless.

Saatchi Christmas Party

Mon 18 Dec 2006

Saatchi’s Christmas Party! Needless to say, it was drunken, outrageous and fun. Let the pics tell the story.




Monday, December 18, 2006

Isabelle Halle's Baby Shower

Sunday 17 Dec 2006

Baby shower for my unborn god daughter, Isabelle Halle Ng _____ _____ (undecided if there’s gonna be a Chinese name)!

Haven’t seen Fruitcake for quite a while too. But for someone who’s due in 1 month, she really isn’t that big nor put on that much weigh. Bet she’s happy about that despite a long list of other gripes.

I do miss my partner in crime. But then again in 1 month, we’ll have a new little person to Convert, Corrupt and Conquer! And train her up to take on the world.

I created some games and thru that, found out that one can get very high very quickly on very little alcohol if one drinks it thru a baby bottle, complete with teat.

Marsupial and I had like a shot each and could feel it already. This is so amazing. And a very cheap way to get high too. Instead of half a bottle of Chivas, we can like do just a few shots instead!

Fruitcake and Ed bought a Maclaren baby stroller. It comes with a warranty and can take weight of up to 50kg. So I product tested it. Just in case, for lil Isabelle’s sake ………

Notti Skunk's Hen Night

Saturday 16 Dec 2006

Notti Skunk is finally getting married! Will have to leave out the naughty, raunchy pics from the hen night .... so here's a decent one instead taken at the start of the night. Hehehe.

Bubbles on Bubbles?

Saturday 16 Dec 2006

Lola & Audrey both got tattoos (Audrey got 2, 1 on the wrist & 1 on her ankle, that crazy girl). Went to give them moral support but got fairly traumatized myself tho surprisingly, I wasn’t as freaked out as I thought I would be.

Lisa, one of the tattoo artist at Borneo Ink, was the one who did the Bubbles tattoo for Eddy. Hmmmm ….

I’ve toyed with the idea for years but have never found a design which I really really liked, a design I won’t get sick off after a year. And I am Bubbles after all….. Hmmmm ….

Sin Cyn and Lola even said that they’ll get me a tattoo for my birthday! Hmmm …

Bubbles Tattoo on Eddy

Friday 15 Dec 2006

Happy birthday Eddy! At the party, he showed me the Bubbles tattoo on his ankle!

(Logan said, many years ago, that he’ll get a Buttercup tattoo but I doubt that that’s going to happen, especially now)

His friend, Puven, has ALL 3 of the Powerpuff Girls on his ankle!

So this got me thinking …….

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lord Don't Slow Me Down

Marsupial got tickets for a rather interesting movie last night. It’s a rockumentary (no that’s not a typo) film, on Oasis' Don't Believe The Truth world tour which took place from May 2005 to March 2006 I heard that it was shot on a Nokia N Series (the promo buntings even had the N Series logos) but when I caught the cameraman on the reflection of a mirror, it was a videocam.

It was an interesting show. Very Brit so not everyone may be able to appreciate. Lotsa F-ing and blinding by Liam and Noel and the gang so there were many moments of silence during the movie. There was even a shot of a girl exposing her boobs in the crowd during on of the concerts. Hehe.

Wikepedia says that: Various fans-only private screenings have been taking place in November 2006 and an edited version of the film was broadcast on Channel 4 in Britian. A future cinema release is yet to be confirmed, however, it was confirmed by Radio DJ Billy Sloan at the Glasgow screening that the film would be released on DVD in 2007.

I rather enjoyed it tho I did get a headache at the end. Watching 95 mins of hand held filming does do your head in. Didn't get the connection of the title and the show. Also, only Oasis fans would enjoy it. Marsupial fell asleep! Prob a good idea for them not to go commercial with this.

However, I don’t understand it from a branding point of view. If Nokia N Series sponsored it, there was no product placement in the show. And no credits either after the show. The only time I saw it was on a bunting outside the cinema. And how does Junk magazine benefit from sponsoring the show? Not much visibility for the mag during the screening either.

Think the plot was lost somewhere in there. At least it did make me feel like going off to buy Oasis’ latest album.

Waffle & Snuffle's Night of Destruction

Waffle and Snuffles. That’s the name I gave to 2 of Sin Cyn’s rabbits I was fostering for a few days. I let them loose on the balcony and they were happily hopping here and there, jumping into on flower pot filled with dirt to reach to another pot to eat the leaves. They’re pretty cute creatures especially when they stand on their hind legs and their front paws hang down in front of them while their faces are tilted upwads sniffing the air.

As night came, I transferred them to the bathroom as the rain was coming. And I don’t think bunnies like being wet.

The next morning, I opened the bathroom door. The rabbits panic and started to scamper all around the bathroom. U won’t believe how much shit 2 rabbits can produce in a matter of 8 hours. It was every where! There were more than 100 balls of shit! Good thing its hard pellets so it’s not so yucky. But they spilt some water so there were mainly round balls of shit but also wet sludgy shit flying all over the bathroom! I panic and quickly shut the door less they run out and I sat on the toilet bowl with my knees to my chin for about 5 minutes till the running slowed and they calmed down.

I sat there for another 3 minutes in horror, at the mess they created. Especially after the running around like bunnies on speed with their hind legs kicking up everything in their path. Not only was the place literally filled with shit of various consistencies but they also nearly chewed thru the measuring tape, tipped over the contents of the waste bin and chewed thru a box of waxing strips (good thing they didn’t manage to unstick the strips or Sin Cyn will be left with very bald rabbits).

Needless to say, I returned the rabbits promptly.

Still need a dog. No another animal can substitute a creature as loving, loyal and responsive.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Red Kebaya

Was warned by several people to watch Red Kebaya with an open mind, but only if I must. Somehow even several bad reviews did not daunt me. Perhaps it was the interesting trailer or that I like to support certain local productions.

So Sin Cyn, Pit Pete, Michelle Shell and I went to watch it.

I felt that it was a nice story about love, friendship and finding your roots. The story’s pace was slow but not so slow that you’ll fall asleep and get bored. The pace was just nice to tell the story that needs telling. The house in which it was set in was absolutely gorgeous. The overall acting was not bad. Some bits were rather funny.

Apart from some bad acting from some minor roles, and some conversation which was too obvious, I rather enjoyed the show. And so did everyone we went to watch with.

Maybe its all to do with your mind set before you watched the show. Everyone told us it was crap. One even went to the extent of saying that that it’s not worth the RM1 parking ticket to go there, much less the ticket itself.

Whatever it may be, I liked it. The only thing I didn’t agree on was the title. As Yasmin rightly pointed out, it should have been Blue Kite. Hahaha!

So my take it, go watch it. And not only to support the Malaysian film industry. It’s a good movie.

Seems like a few people in the office wanna watch Cicakman. A few of my other friends are interested too. It looks real silly and I’m not usually into silly movies. But I’ll give this one a shot. Perhaps it will turn out to be a surprise just like Red Kebaya.

Jom lets watch!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Marshmallow Post It

Someone from the office wants to inflict 'pain' on me! Was away from my desk only to see this Post-It on my monitor.

If you don't know what I'm on about, click

It wouldn't be so bad if he / she wrote the marshmallows after the paper cuts!

Fluffy marshmallows. Soft marshmallows. FLUFFY SOFT MARSHMALLOWS!

Cohiba Siglo VI & Single Malt

I’m really getting into cigar smoking. Smoked a Cohiba Siglo VI and drank single malt whiskey 2 days in a row. Last night at Vintry and the night before at Zeta. And now, a cigarette isn’t as satisfying anymore. Only problem is cigarette breaks in the office don’t last an hour at a time.

An elevation of lifestyle is a dangerous thing. Once you experienced and acquired a taste for the best, it’s hard to clamber back down. Sigh. The more I earn, the more I want and the less money I have in the bank. This is dangerous yet almost everyone falls into this pattern or rather trap.

Yet aspirations and wanting more in life isn’t a bad thing. Just need to find the balance.

I have a friend who buys expensive watches (we’re talking RM50k and above and he’s prob got a dozen) and cars. But is near broke many of the times. I don’t take it to those extremes and thus don’t entirely understand how one is able to do that. Yet many ‘rich’ ppl live like that. For me, that’s just the type of living on the edge that I can without.

Tie Day in a Christmassy Office

Thurs, 7 Dec 2006

The office looks all Christmasy! Looks pretty now but lets see what happens after the office Christmas party in a week.

Tie Day in the office! Thanks Joyboyluv for the tie! Hat Day next week! I love it that the company culture is as such that we can wear whatever we want and play and be loud and get drunk, as long as the work is done and done well. I’m just surprised none of my friends have come to visit me in the office seeing we have free flow of beer here! Coke too, for the non beer drinkers. Bring your own whiskey in case we’ve run out tho. ;)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wine, Coffee, Hug, Dinner & TV

Too many things happening this evening
There’s a wine drinking session in the office.
Then coffee with a friend.
Then go hug and spend some time with a friend who broke up with his girlfriend.
Then an impromptu birthday dinner
Then how am I gonna get home in time to watch Amazing Race Asia at 9pm?!
I better leave now.

Paper cuts & Marshmallows

Went for a cigarette break and a few of my colleagues are getting tattoos next week.

I often ask ppl how they would describe the pain of getting a tattoo. Some say it’s like an ant bite. Some say it’s like a million ant bites. Adam of the Pillar describes it as “A paper cut. On the tongue”.

Arrrrrgggggh! I’m a very mental person and it’s very hard to get an image out once I’ve conjured it in my head. I can almost feel the pain each time. He told me that a few months ago but the image still pops into my head now and then. The talk about tattoos brought back the image.

So my only remedy is to think of a big, bouncy, fluffy, soft, pink marshmallow on my tongue. No paper cuts. No space for paper in the mouth. Just a big marshmallow.

I still feel a bit of the pain. I feel faint……..

Ice Bar Not Open for Bussiness Yet

Got an sms from Ice Bar the day before last so decided to check it out with Sin Cyn yesterday. The place was open but they weren’t serving drinks yet, there were no chairs and there were blocks of ice in there. The temperature was -15C.

Why would a F&B outlet send out info about the opening of their new place when it’s not ready for customers? They’re off on a bad footing already. Wonder if they can compete with Laundry at the level below.

Saw Gary Foo as I was walking in.

Went to Borders and found that Adam of the Pillar was working there!

Went for dinner and saw Asun at the next table.

Is KL getting smaller? Or do I just know too many ppl? Or is there a serious lack of places to go to? Unfortunately i think its the 3rd option.

Sexy Bathroom with a Studio Apartment

Called the management yet again and they said that my keys will be ready in a day or 2. It’s been way too long and I’m tired of waiting. And the excitement is waning too. Too many calls and visits to the sales office.

As soon as I get keys, I need to do the inspection and get to place semi / furnished. Realtors have come a-calling so I think I can get it rented out quite quickly.

Since I won’t be able to stay there for a month or 2 before renting it as originally planned, I shall content myself with throwing a party and maybe passing out there for the night. Can’t let a stranger live in my brand new place without me first devirginizing / christening / warming the place first!

But of course I rather rent to friends. Who wants a beautiful and sexy bathroom (with see thru glass walls) which comes with a studio apartment with a view of green mountains?

Sweet Full Moon

Odd called me one night.

Odd: There’s a full moon tonight. And I thought of you.
Bubs: Awwww…. That’s so sweet. How come?
Odd: Cos when there’s a full moon, the crazy ppl come out to play.

Thats sweet. By Odd's standards.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Office Blackout = Starbucks

Whenever there’s a blackout in the office, we go out for coffee. No point sitting in the office doing nothing when we can’t work without our PCs or sending emails. This time we were out for lunch when we received calls from the office about the blackout. So we went to the Crocs shop in Damas, tried on the shoes, played with the toys and nearly turned the shop upside down. I bought a pair of pink Mary Janes.

And nearly bought a pair of gold Prima but they didn’t have the right size. Beryl bought a green Off Road, her 7th pair of Crocs.

I love Crocs. They are so funky, so light, has many users and the grip to any surface is so tight. Most ppl can’t comprehend the traction and have fallen down before, me included when I ran around the shop testing the shoe when I bought my first pair of Crocs.

Crocs makes u wanna jump, skip, hop and play.

Like like how wearing a new pair of Nikes makes u wanna till you have the wind in your hair.

Yes the power is back in the office but the mail server is down. Kinda bored. Waiting to go Ice Bar. It opens today. Wonder if the concept is like the one in Spore or overseas.

Do Leprechauns Drink Guiness?

Was reading Neil Gaiman’s American Gods last night in bed when I came across a portion about a leprechaun drinking Guinness. Know that both come from Ireland but didn’t know if leprechauns drink Guiness. So when I came to work this morning, I asked the 2 brand managers who handle the Guinness account if they have heard of it. They didn’t so I Googled it. And leprechauns do indeed drink Guinness! I shall be a leprechaun this weekend.

Bad Months for Love

In the last 1 week,

1 friend had a major fight with her boyfriend.
1 friend broke up with his girlfriend.
1 friend had a fight with her fiancée and is on the verge of breaking up and calling off the wedding.
1 friend’s wife left him.
1 friend and his wife got divorced. They have 1 baby girl

It seems like Nov n Dec are bad months for love. My ex and I broke up about this time last year. It was one of the hardest things my heart had to handle in quite a while. There were also a string of break ups and divorces around the same time.

Not sure if it’s due to the stress of the coming holidays. Or approaching a new year compels one to evaluate ones current life and make changes that’s necessary to improve life. Perhaps ppl become complacent in the middle of the year and should there be problems, they tend to ride it out and the unhappiness culminates during the holiday season when everyone is expected to be happy.

I also remember reading a research conducted worldwide that break ups do trend to happen a lot more towards the end of the year.

While I’d like that special someone to spend the holidays with, I guess it’s better than experiencing a break up right about now.

Being single now isn’t gonna be easy. Wallow in misery for a while. Cry your heart out. Find a temporary distraction. But things do happen for a reason and perhaps it’s just not meant to be.

If you need company, be it for coffee, to get drunk or do something fun and silly, anything just to forget or feel happy again, you know who to call.

I would not have survived my last break up was it not for my dearest friends and certain distractions.

Let your heart heal and eventually it will be filled with something or someone better. This is my hope and prayer for everyone.

Hugs and love all round.

Vintage Monte Cristo

I’m not really a wine person. It gives me a mellow high (or maybe it should be called a ‘mellow low’) and makes me sleepy. But when I get home I can’t sleep. Very frustrating.

Single malt whiskey is my drink of choice.

But more and more of my friends are into wine and most of them go to Vintry in D’sara Heights. Was there last night with the watch collectors and purist group. The wine was flowing and we were offered Monte Cristo Vintage cigars. Not sure what’s considered vintage is when it comes to cigars but this one was 7 years old and oh so smooth and yummy. It went well with the wine and the roasted pork.

Didn’t think I’d enjoy cigars but the past 1 year has proven otherwise. Maybe like many good things in life, it’s an acquired taste and after that, you don’t turn back.

Monday, December 04, 2006


Saturday 2 Dec 2006

To help bring "Barnyard" to life, Sun created an 80 terabyte high performance computing (HPC) render farm to generate animated images designed by a model software program. Running 1,200 Sun Fire V40z and Sun Fire V20z x64 (x86, 64-bit) servers powered by AMD Opteron processors, the render farm also includes Sun StorEdge 3510 and 3511 FC arrays, and Qlogic fibre channel switches. The production also utilized the Sun Java Workstation W2100z and Sun 24.1-inch LCD Flat Panel Monitors in its desktop environment to more efficiently edit final film. Allowing the 'Barnyard' production team to focus on its core strength - producing beautifully rendered animated films - Sun Services helped design and deploy the render farm.

No clue what the above means. All I know is that it took 1 week instead of 4 for the production so the movie could be released earlier.

Got tickets from Sun Microsystems to watch Barnyard. They booked all 10 theatres at Cineleisure for Sun customers. The move was at 10.30am. So had to wake up early. Early for a Saturday anyway.

It was pretty entertaining n funny. Rabbits seem to play supporting roles in quite a number of animal animations of late.

The move opens in cinemas 14 Dec 06. Watch the trailer.

Bye Bye Button

Fri 1 Dec 2006

Dunhill relaunched their Dunhill Button as Dunhill D360. Doesn’t ‘Button’ sound so much better? And cuter? I would’ve stubbornly continued to call it Button, had it not been for the dinner. Which was very good in educating the consumers about the reasons behind the name change.

Previously, there wasn’t much diff btw Dunhill Evo and Dunhill Button except for the packaging. And some didn’t see the value in paying 40 sen extra for the Button.

The new D360 has blends of fully imported tobacco from 4 diff countries including Virginia which supposedly has the best tobacco. So it’s a 360 degree product. And it was a nice smoke indeed. An improvement from the Button.

The dinner and pairing of wine was good too. Dunhill is really about style, class and exclusivity. An at this dinner I’d say they pulled it off pretty well.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Corn Sticks Around

I didn’t realize that corn doesn’t digest till I met a girl who refuses to eat anything which shows up as part of its original form in her stool. After that, I was more observant and I found out that there is indeed evidence of the corn.

Still, I wasn’t satisfied so I Googled it and found that corn does digest. But it’s the cover of the kernel that doesn’t get digested. The filling of the kernel does. It comprises mainly of starch (complex carbohydrate) and a little bit of protein, vitamins and minerals.

I had fun finding out that bit of info as well as several other interesting facts. I esp enjoyed a site called The Poo Report. A conversation on the topic ‘Corn in the Poop?’ has been going on for 3 years!

Ppl sure enjoy their shit. I’ve encountered many a dinner conversation which centred around poop. In fancy restaurants sometimes. Yes, its so wrong but it happens.

I met this one guy for the first time and his opening lines were about his shitting habits. Okay I know that’s very off but he was so very funny. Yes we’re still friends.

And one need only look at the Kancil Award entries to know what inspires the creatives to come up with ads or possibly where they come up with their creative ideas.

So, tonight. Eat some corn. See if its still around tomorrow. Enjoy the experiment.

Renting to Penguins

My new studio will be ready soon and i can't wait to collect the keys and do it up! Received several calls from real estate agents enquiring if i wanna rent or sell. I'm planning to rent but if possible, to friends or ppl i know. I would like to stay there myself ....... the place is gorgeous and so is the bathroom. Thats one of the reasons i bought the place. The walls are made of glass. So u can have a bubble bath while watching TV in the room or look out the balcony! But i already have a place so staying there just isn't financially viable. So hopefully i can rent it to a friend so that i get to stay there too sometimes!

Was on MSN with Wijay Friend of the Penguins about who are the best ppl to rent out to. He really has a thing for penguins even tho he pretends he cant stand them. We talk about tenants and he brings in penguins to the conversation. He secretly likes Popo.

aWwSuM says:
looking for either Naga DDB people or a family

aWwSuM says:

unless its a family of demented penguins who are prone to tapdancing cos it would bug the neighbours. the incessant tap tap tap tappity tap tap

Bubbles 2 Much Bubbly says:

if popo danced, it would be very silent. he's cute n small n quiet .

aWwSuM says:

apartments mostly don't allow pets. technically that would mean goldfish can't be there either

Bubbles 2 Much Bubbly says:

technically. but im sure popo will be allowed. just cos he's so cute

aWwSuM says:


WwSuM says:

s u r e ....

Bubbles 2 Much Bubbly says:

yeah really.

aWwSuM says:

only to you and the people who accommodate your madness knowing that to disagree would be to be in trouble.

Bubbles 2 Much Bubbly says:

even strangers like popo so it must be normal and okay

aWwSuM says:

people are so nice they'd agree a turd is cute if you presented it well enough... sigh

Bubbles 2 Much Bubbly says:

so u saying my presentation is good huh

Bubbles 2 Much Bubbly says:

but everyone knows popo is no turd cos they keep on asking where my penguin was when i didnt bring him out

aWwSuM says:

aww geez

aWwSuM says:

as if there weren't enough demented people on the planet, you're going around and infecting them

Bubbles 2 Much Bubbly says:

Corrupt, Convert & Conquer!!!