Monday, December 04, 2006

Bye Bye Button

Fri 1 Dec 2006

Dunhill relaunched their Dunhill Button as Dunhill D360. Doesn’t ‘Button’ sound so much better? And cuter? I would’ve stubbornly continued to call it Button, had it not been for the dinner. Which was very good in educating the consumers about the reasons behind the name change.

Previously, there wasn’t much diff btw Dunhill Evo and Dunhill Button except for the packaging. And some didn’t see the value in paying 40 sen extra for the Button.

The new D360 has blends of fully imported tobacco from 4 diff countries including Virginia which supposedly has the best tobacco. So it’s a 360 degree product. And it was a nice smoke indeed. An improvement from the Button.

The dinner and pairing of wine was good too. Dunhill is really about style, class and exclusivity. An at this dinner I’d say they pulled it off pretty well.

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