Monday, December 18, 2006

Isabelle Halle's Baby Shower

Sunday 17 Dec 2006

Baby shower for my unborn god daughter, Isabelle Halle Ng _____ _____ (undecided if there’s gonna be a Chinese name)!

Haven’t seen Fruitcake for quite a while too. But for someone who’s due in 1 month, she really isn’t that big nor put on that much weigh. Bet she’s happy about that despite a long list of other gripes.

I do miss my partner in crime. But then again in 1 month, we’ll have a new little person to Convert, Corrupt and Conquer! And train her up to take on the world.

I created some games and thru that, found out that one can get very high very quickly on very little alcohol if one drinks it thru a baby bottle, complete with teat.

Marsupial and I had like a shot each and could feel it already. This is so amazing. And a very cheap way to get high too. Instead of half a bottle of Chivas, we can like do just a few shots instead!

Fruitcake and Ed bought a Maclaren baby stroller. It comes with a warranty and can take weight of up to 50kg. So I product tested it. Just in case, for lil Isabelle’s sake ………

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