Friday, December 08, 2006

Cohiba Siglo VI & Single Malt

I’m really getting into cigar smoking. Smoked a Cohiba Siglo VI and drank single malt whiskey 2 days in a row. Last night at Vintry and the night before at Zeta. And now, a cigarette isn’t as satisfying anymore. Only problem is cigarette breaks in the office don’t last an hour at a time.

An elevation of lifestyle is a dangerous thing. Once you experienced and acquired a taste for the best, it’s hard to clamber back down. Sigh. The more I earn, the more I want and the less money I have in the bank. This is dangerous yet almost everyone falls into this pattern or rather trap.

Yet aspirations and wanting more in life isn’t a bad thing. Just need to find the balance.

I have a friend who buys expensive watches (we’re talking RM50k and above and he’s prob got a dozen) and cars. But is near broke many of the times. I don’t take it to those extremes and thus don’t entirely understand how one is able to do that. Yet many ‘rich’ ppl live like that. For me, that’s just the type of living on the edge that I can without.

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