Friday, December 29, 2006

Mix Mingle & Match, among friends

Thurs 28 Dec 2006

Went for the Mix, Mingle and Match party at Attic. It happens every Thursday but I’ve yet to attend any despite the smses every week. I need to create totally new circles, and not just extend my circle of friends. New people whom I don’t know and are linked to me by a minimum of 3 degrees of separation. Fat chance that’s going to happen in KL, huh?

When I arrived, I realized that I already knew 70% of the people there. Where does one go to meet new people?! Maybe I should get out of town for a bit.

On the way back, stopped by at Somo for one drink and to see who was there. Saw Jeremy Viva and had a drink with him. Then also saw Simon Notti Skunk’s Fiancé and had a drink with him and his friends. Then Fairy comes along and we ended up playing Chor Tai Ti with Ken and Vincent till way past closing.

Somo is now my official neighbourhood bar / second home.

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