Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Eve 2006

Sun 24 Dec 2006

Had one of the most amazing meals in this entire year tonight. After several days of indecision, Marsupail and I finally settled on Christmas Eve dinner at Somo which was such a wise choice. The set meal consisted of a sparkling wine, soup, sashimi, sushi, roasted lamb, kobe beef, ice cream with brandy, red wine and a handful of other dished. All for only RM160. Such fantastic value. By the 6th course, Jas, Marsupial and I were totally stuffed. We stayed for the countdown where Andrew was on the bar screaming at everyone. Then there were hugs and kisses and clinking of glasses all round.

Agnes and i all Christmassy!

Sorry Andy for telling u that u r tall and cute 17 times (apparently). But you are very tall..... And cute. Keke!

Ken and i ..... getting there.
Ken, Fairy and i looking very pei.After that we went off to a pool party at Jalan Gasing. One of the most mellow Christmases I’ve experienced but nice nonetheless.

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