Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Office Blackout = Starbucks

Whenever there’s a blackout in the office, we go out for coffee. No point sitting in the office doing nothing when we can’t work without our PCs or sending emails. This time we were out for lunch when we received calls from the office about the blackout. So we went to the Crocs shop in Damas, tried on the shoes, played with the toys and nearly turned the shop upside down. I bought a pair of pink Mary Janes.

And nearly bought a pair of gold Prima but they didn’t have the right size. Beryl bought a green Off Road, her 7th pair of Crocs.

I love Crocs. They are so funky, so light, has many users and the grip to any surface is so tight. Most ppl can’t comprehend the traction and have fallen down before, me included when I ran around the shop testing the shoe when I bought my first pair of Crocs.

Crocs makes u wanna jump, skip, hop and play.

Like like how wearing a new pair of Nikes makes u wanna till you have the wind in your hair.

Yes the power is back in the office but the mail server is down. Kinda bored. Waiting to go Ice Bar. It opens today. Wonder if the concept is like the one in Spore or overseas.

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