Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Red Kebaya

Was warned by several people to watch Red Kebaya with an open mind, but only if I must. Somehow even several bad reviews did not daunt me. Perhaps it was the interesting trailer or that I like to support certain local productions.

So Sin Cyn, Pit Pete, Michelle Shell and I went to watch it.

I felt that it was a nice story about love, friendship and finding your roots. The story’s pace was slow but not so slow that you’ll fall asleep and get bored. The pace was just nice to tell the story that needs telling. The house in which it was set in was absolutely gorgeous. The overall acting was not bad. Some bits were rather funny.

Apart from some bad acting from some minor roles, and some conversation which was too obvious, I rather enjoyed the show. And so did everyone we went to watch with.

Maybe its all to do with your mind set before you watched the show. Everyone told us it was crap. One even went to the extent of saying that that it’s not worth the RM1 parking ticket to go there, much less the ticket itself.

Whatever it may be, I liked it. The only thing I didn’t agree on was the title. As Yasmin rightly pointed out, it should have been Blue Kite. Hahaha!

So my take it, go watch it. And not only to support the Malaysian film industry. It’s a good movie.

Seems like a few people in the office wanna watch Cicakman. A few of my other friends are interested too. It looks real silly and I’m not usually into silly movies. But I’ll give this one a shot. Perhaps it will turn out to be a surprise just like Red Kebaya.

Jom lets watch!


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dreamer said...

Yay! Let's watch Cicakman...