Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Boobs. Big Ones.

Its weird being newly pregnant and being at work. I'm sitting at my desk and working. But I keep on thinking of this clump of cells which makes up the blastocyst within me. I'm distracted from work and I keep on reminding myself to stay stress free. I've not announced to anyone at work but I have quit smoking. So I'm guessing people will be catching on very soon.

Also, my boobs are a lot bigger. They look great and I often stare at myself in the mirror. Nice!

But man do they hurt!

Guess everything comes with a price.

I love my new cleavage!

Yes yes sure they will deflate later on but while it's here, why not enjoy it to the full? My low cut dresses are coming out!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Finding Out

My period is late. By 4 days. And I've been feeling .... different. I know we have been 'trying' but could it really be true? I rolled around in bed and looked at Paul who was still sleeping. Not being one to worry or think too much when there is an easy solution, I got up and went to the bathroom.

I looked at the few brands of home pregnancy test kits on the shelf and picked up the cheapest one - Dip & Tell. I figured if it was a negative, i would not have wasted RM30. The cheap brands come with a cup which you pee into then dip a stick in it. I did just that and stared at the stick for a few seconds. One pink line appeared. Then another. I freaked a little. Then stopped myself and picked up the instruction leaflet instead. Okay so I did it right. And 2 lines means pregnant. Hmmm but it's a cheap test. Maybe there's an error.

So I waited a while.

Then opened the package of the very expensive Clear Blue home pregnancy test kit. It comes in a plastic wand with a cap on one end which you open and pee onto the fabric-like tip. I did just that. I recapped it and placed it on the counter. One line appeared. Right. That means the test is working properly.

Then a vertical line appeared. A few seconds later, a horizontal line intersected the first line. So a '+' wasnow staring at me. It was as clear as day. Both lines were prominent and it was no disputing the sign staring at me. Without freaking this time, I picked up the instruction leaflet just to check what '+' means. And I picked up the wand to have an even closer look.

It said: '+' indicates that you are pregnant.

Okay so I'm pregnant. We've been trying. It's a planned pregnancy. And now I'm pregnant. Okay ....


I nearly threw the wand as I backed into the wall and caught my breath. After a few minutes, I went to the bed and woke Paul up. He grunted. I said "Wake up, I've something to tell you". He mumbled, "What? You're pregnant?". I replied, "Yes". He grunted again and went back to sleep.

5 seconds later, his eyes flew open and he stared at me. I merely nodded.

He was immediately awake after that.

We're having a baby!