Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Voracious Appetite

I woke up at 6am this morning, could not get back to bed and feeling as ravenous as a ....... what animal is usually ravenous?

Okay never mind. So I got up and ate chocolate Quaker oats while watching TV.

I went back to bed at 7am, and slept till 8 plus when I had to get up for work.

I made a cheese sandwhich and ate it while driving to work.

When I got to work, I stopped by at San Francisco Coffee and picked up a latte and crioissant.

So 3 meals in 3 hours.

No wonder I've put on 15kgs since i got pregnant. But I can't help it! I'm so hungry all the time....

Friday, March 12, 2010

5 months / 22 Weeks

Believe it or not, I'm 5 months pregnant now! .... Or 22 weeks if u follow how the medical profession counts it.

It was been amazing so far and I can't stop thanking God for giving me a relatively stress free pregnancy. No morning sickness or nausea at all. In fact, my hair is more lustrous and is growing fast and falls in beautiful layers. My face is glowing and is not too oily. And my boobs are as big and lovely as ever. Despite being pregnant, I have a bounce in my step and I've not slowed down at all.

Apart from giving up smoking entirely, cutting down alcohol and coffee by 95%, there's not much other changes in lifestyle.

The only angst I have is extremely itchy and flaky and dry skin on my body and extremities. This results in investing in mild shower creams (yes, and adding on to my collection of a few hundred bottles of different toiletries), taking more showers and constantly lotioning every inch of my body. I do this about 3 times a day. So it's a bit of a hassle but it does provide relief. And I'd take this any day compared to having morning sickness.

Life has also been pretty busy with work, my event planning, educating ourselves with all things to do with baby, going baby window shopping, doing actual baby stuff shopping soon, packing, planning the renovation on our new place (yes we are moving and I can't want to work on the baby room!), moving to the new place, going for pre natal yoga ...

There's just so much to do so I'm sorry if I disappoint some of you with less updates on this blog.

I will do my best to share all the exciting news with you. :)