Friday, September 29, 2006

KFC, Colour Pencils and Starbucks

It's Friday! It's Friday! It's been a good week and a good day so far.

Had the extra spicy Hot & Spicy KFC chicken for lunch, which I've been craving for the past 5 days. It's not as spicy as the TVC makes it out to be. Creative license, they say.

Had a good creative review where the work meets the brief spot on so the Monday meeting is gonna go well.

Managed to sharpen all my colour pencils so that i can colour this weekend (aren't they pretty?)

And here's my art director, Nick. Don't u like this shot? Good art direction right??

Have been drinking a lot of water today cos of the very adorable Starbucks tumbler which Paul the Tigger bought for me (he's so sweet). It's so tiny and holds very little water but its so cute that i can't help wanting to hold it in my hand and put it to my mouth. Even the water tastes different. I don't care if its psychological.

My buka puasa dinner plans got cancelled so I'm falling on Plan B...... some event at Luna. I'm off for the weekend. Have a fabulous one everyone!!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

1 degree of separation

So Adam of the Pillar and i have dinner at the MPH cafe. Besides being of the same age and studying in London (opposite ends of the city), we didn't have that much of a link. We were both fairly happy that there was no link and that we were starting a separate circle. While walking to Starbucks, we passed Celebrity Fitness and i mentioned that I've been there so many times but still have not joined as a member. And he said he used to work there. I mentioned John tried to recruit me. And he said he used to sit next to John. So the circle is linked once again and John Celebrity, you're our one degree of separation!

Try as i might, i can't seem to shake the 1 degree of separation in everyone i meet. I don't even mind meeting someone with 2 degrees of separation. Sooner or later, we'll find a mutual friend. I even tried making friends at yoga, at non clubbing events, at church.....

And you would have thought meeting someone in a mall by simply going up to them would greatly decrease the chances of having mutual friends. Apparently not.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

There's an ad in there some where

Was walking round 1U last night after dinner when i encountered a rather interesting scene.

I then sneaked up behind him and took this shot.

And i got closer.

Then what the heck. He looked interesting enough, slumberly just sitting there on the floor with his lappie plugged into the socket and minding his own business. And didn't look like he'll bite so i got closer and asked "Hi. You look really interesting sitting here and i snuck a pic of u. Was wondering if you would mind it if i put your pic on my blog". Also I'm in advertising and i take all sorts of serious and nonsensical pics where ever i go (especially since i finally bought a new camera, the ever lovely, sweet and small-enough-for-a-clubbing bag Sony T10 in baby pink and also my new phone which takes 3.2 megapixel shots with Carl Zeiss lense) as it may just inspire an idea which may transpire into an award winning ad. But i didn't go into that much detail with him.

He looked at me and said "You can take my pic but you should include my tattoo in it."


Thanks Adam of the Pillar! You're a cool dude. Glad to have made your aquaintance. Catch u for coffee or at the book store sometime.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bubbles: Non Clubbing Version 3.0

This non clubbing thing is working out pretty well. Didnt go Mambo last night and not going to Ghetto tonight either. Let's see if i can keep this up for 1 week. Caveat: Non clubbing doesn't mean i don't go out and don't drink ;)

Went for the launch of Corum Admiral's Cup Competition 48 at Cortina Watches with Andrew last night. Pretty cool watch. Drank about 10 blue coloured martinis and tried on watches which cost as much as cars and houses.

These pics are taken with my new Sony T10 which looks sleek, chic, gorgeous. Perfect to slip into a small clubbing bag. Always ready to snap in a slide of the cover. And it's pink! But i will not forget you Ixy.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Banish all flying things!

Sunday - I think they are out to get me. I don't like bugs or anything that flies, except birds. But i have changed my mind about that now. I now no longer like ANYTHING which flies. A few days ago, i opened the main door and saw this psycho bird fly straight at me. I ducked and it hit the door. I screamed and ran into the house. 2 minutes later, i crept out and saw the bird perched at the neighbour's door...... looking at me. I ran to press the 'down' button of the lift, hid in a corner till the lift doors open and ran in.

And i thought nothing more of it.

Sunday night i was happily watching My Super Ex Girlfriend when something swooped in from the balcony and over my head. I stood up, only to see the damn bird make a U turn and head straight for my head! I ducked, screamed and ran into my room and locked the door. (Yeah i know it doesn't matter if i lock the door or not)

Sat down on my bed to catch my breath. Wanted to call for help ....... but my mobile was on the chair ......... next to the balcony! I opened the door ajar, took a few surreptitious steps and made a mad dash for the mobile. In my peripheral vision, i could see the mad bird flapping its wings and the sound of the WHOOP WHOOP of wings seems like it was right behind me.

Grabbed the phone and ran back into my room. And locked the door.

Made a SOS call to Paul the Tigger who laughed and asked me if it was a crow. That freaked me out even more. Crows are bad omens right? And to get attacked twice in 3 days? Thats even worst!

These things only happen to me.

And you know whats worst? These attacks of the flying variety has happened before. It just seems to get worst with bigger creatures and in more frequent intervals as the years go by.

Whats bigger then a bird and flies? Wait. I don't want to know.

Rest Up Robbie

Friday - Confirmation that Robbie is feeling fatigued and is canceling the entire Asian leg of his tour. :( But knows nothing about this even tho its been announced by Yahoo, BBC and MSN!

Saturday - Brought some friends from Singapore to the Heineken Thirst event @ KL Tower. Groove Armada Sound Systems were only for only a short while. We left when it began to drizzle. Velvet wasn't that happening either. Then there was a raid (pic was taken with Heng before the raid). Good thing we all got out the back door. Ramadan coming up so bad time to go clubbing so maybe i should be fasting too. Clubbing in the last 1 month has not been fulfilling as usual. I'm hitting the down cycle. Time to hibernate for a month or so. And my blog can be about Alternative Activities to Clubbing. Jasmine suggested origami. How would you like to read about me folding paper cranes?

Sunday - Went to the Times Book Sale again and bought a book on Robbie. Since he can't come, i'll read about him to feel close to him.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Aquarian Dragon

Not sure about 10 and 9 but the rest of it really hits the nail on the head! Also, i like being in water but don't like being submerged in water, aptly the water bearer. Does this mean that I'm truly an Aquarian? I also exhibit many signs of the Dragon. This means I'm fiery and zany. So please don't blame me if I'm being psychotic. Its written in the stars.

Please come Robbie!

Received insider news that Robbie is feeling fatigued and may be cancelling his Singapore tour. *wail* I bought tickets 3 months ago and was counting the days till 18 Nov. The cancellation is to be confirmed but is highly likely, given he's cancelled a few locations already. But I'm hanging onto the 20% chance that he'll make it after all. Robbie! Please come!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Undetoxing Superhero

This detox isn't working very well for me.

Mon - drank 1 glass of wine with Andrew.

Tues - woke up and lost my voice. Went home from work and was chilling out at home when John called. Wanted to test his new home sound system. We were drinking with one of his friends and i was dancing to super loud music. By the time i got home, i promptly passed out from the alcohol. Apparently John did too but at least he didn't have to make it home. (Logan, i don't know why all the drinks i mix these days make people pass out!)

Wed - Woke up feeling a lot better! And i could talk! Think my body needs alcohol in order to function. And the thought of a detox makes the body go into 'shut down' mode.

Since I'm feeling much better, i decided to go for the Save the World Superhero party @ Maison organized by Arts & Earth ( I went as who else but Bubbles! It was good to see Raj and Teoh. The turn out was low but the capoeira by the Street Fighters were cool. Always wanted to take up capoeira but the one time i did, i only survived for half hour and ached for the 2 weeks after that.

I also dropped by to Ivy to see Colin and to Cynna's 1st anniversary where i met John. And also Johan whom i met at the Brannigan's Revival party a few weeks back. Pic of Bubbles and Bubbles is courtesy of Johan! Thanks for always carrying a camera around and sending the pics to me so promptly!

Thurs - Ixy died on me so I've to rely on other people's cameras till the weekend when i get a replacement. I'm pretty sad about Ixy but then again he's survive one too many parties, events and trips. Its time for him to rest.

I'm off to get a warm whiskey. Less i fall ill tomorrow.

These pics courtesy of Fiona.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Who gets dibs on the toys?

Last night, thought I'll be a good lil Bubbles n eat porridge for dinner ... since thats what sick people do tho I'm not sure why. Finished a whole bowl at the Ipoh Old Town Cafe in Bangsar before Andrew and daughter joined me. The porridge did nothing to fill me up so i joined them for siew yoke fan after. Then we went back to his place for me to borrow DVDs.

I ended up riding the slide, jumping on the trampoline, throwing balls and playing telephone and doctor with his daughter while drinking wine with Andrew. I don't like babies much but guess am okay with kids when they are old enough to play with. I simply can't do the ooh-ing, ahh-ing, coo-ing and ahboo-CHAK-ing which people tend to do with babies. Then the baby just lies there and drools at you. Whats that about? I don't get it at all.

Anyway, I had fun and I've not tire of playing with kids toys yet. That made me think: If / when i have kids, would we be fighting to play with the same toys? I foresee a conversation like this:
Bubs: Stop it! Let go!
Kid: No! I wanna play with it!
Bubs: So do i!
Kid: Its my toy!
Bubs: Buy I bought it!!!

Hahaha! Then of course I'll win right? Andrew suggests buying 2 sets of toys. Which may be a good idea. But the kid is still not allowed to touch my private collection of toys. Don't want drool all over them. Unless i put them all in space suits for protection.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Today being a Monday.
Today being the first Monday after my holiday in Tioman.
Today being the start of my detox week.
Today being the end of something which started off as magical.

Don't know if its a coincidence that I'm feeling 'blah' or is it due to all of the above.

I feel a fever coming on, itchy throat and ringing in my ears.

Screw the detox. I need a warm whiskey.

Everton v Liverpool

Was watching the Everton v Liverpool game on Sat where Everton won 3-0. The last goal at the 93rd minute was pretty funny. Totally entertaining to all except the Liverpoolians I'm sure. I smsed a die hard Liverpool friend:
Bubbles: Sad?
Friend: Go away ...... Far far away .......


Friday, September 08, 2006

I'm angry with you Andrew Ho!

ANDREW HO (pic: 3rd from left)!!! I'm very upset with you for hurting Zach. In doing that, you hurt me too. The sound of metal grating against stone when you opened his passenger door ..... onto the top of the curb ..... penetrated my ear drums and pierced right into my heart. And the same sound being replayed as you simply pulled the door close to remove it from the top of the pavement. You could have lifted the door a little at least. Or lifted Zach. That sound is still replaying in my head as i type this. I'm going to remain upset with you till Zach forgives you. Which may take a while!!! I'm undecided yet if revenge should be seeked on Shadow.

Okay. Onto less heart wrenching things. I didn't go to the Shan's networking thing as the traffic jam was pretty bad. So i had dinner with Ewan @ Chilli's 1U. In gearing for my detox week next week, i has chicken caesar salad and tomato juice. So healthy! What a feat since I'm kinda allergic to vegetables. And for lunch, i met Andrew and his friend, Dinesh at a restaurant at Heritage Row. Chicken, fish, vege and rice. Healthy stuff again! (Guess i won't be lunching with Andrew for a while.)

But my efforts in the day all became null and void when i met Paul, Eugene, Colin & Andrew (I'm still mad at you!!! And so is Zach. He's in pain! And i feel his pain!) with Ewan at Bar Flam. Ref to pic above. That used to be one of the rare places which serves premium spirits on ladies night. But they now serve some kinda ice blended cocktails using some crap liquor which gave me a tummy ache. So i went back early. Early for a Thursday night anyway. Bar Flam was pretty far down my list. Its now off my list.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Should i meet the Marsupial and Weasel?

It's so wet and gloomy out there! Plan after work was to go to some networking thing which Shan the Marsupial is organizing. But thats in Uno at P Ramlee and going to KL after work when its raining is simply psychotic. The stark raving lunatic in me will be unleashed. Not that I'm not like that usually. Just that when I'm stuck in a jam, confined in a small space and bored, the nasty version will manifest itself.

Paul the Weasel just called. He's on the way there and says its not jammed ... hmmmm .....

The rain reminds me that its gonna be monsoon on our East coast islands very soon. So glad we got some sun while we were there. Yes I'm still thinking about the holiday....

Still Standing

Yesterday, i went to help a friend out to be a talent for a shoot. It involved standing for about 3 hours and shifting weights from one leg to the other. It isn't easy being talent and its really tiring being in on position for too long. Not even gonna get paid for this but its okay, favour to a friend. Tho he did promise me a nice dinner. I'm thinking maybe Atrium since I've not dined there before. Will post the pic up once the FA is completed.

After 3 hours of standing, i joined a friend for drinks at the wine place at Hartamas Shopping Centre. I was starved and he said there was food there. But all i got was a cheese platter. :( I like the carmenbert tho. Thats my fav cheese. :) And whiskey to wash it down with :)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Belated Post Holiday Blues

Thats me. Sound asleep on the hammock under the coconut trees in Tioman with the sea breeze rocking me into a gentle slumber.

And thats where i wanna be right now!!!

Post holidays blues has hit albeit a day late. The shot of expresso this morning and the fag mildly elevated my mood.

Maybe its worst cos the Scandalous Crew from the trip were supposed to meet this Fri but now its been cancelled cos The Tongue has a family thing and Fairy has lotsa work as usual. Sin Cyn was gonna cook (i requested for sirloin in red wine sauce) and then we would all get drunk and watch the videos and photos taken on the trip. That would guarantee an eruption of laughter and rollings on the floor. And relive the moment and pretend we're on a pseudo holiday......

I'm still wearing my beachy wrap-around skirts to work so i can be in denial. I shall do the same tomorrow and wear my crocs too. They're so cute. I have the Beach. The Tongue and i wanna get the Nile after this.

At least its lunch time. I need coffee.........

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Scandalous, Sexiness, Shamelessness, Sluttiness and Flippering

Bubbles is back from Tioman with wonderfully sun kissed skin! Well Baby Boy tells me that its sunned but not kissed yet. ;)

Tioman being a duty free island prob has something to do with it. I kinda remember everything but def not in chronological order. Here are some highlights in no particular order.

Stayed on Salang beach which is the most happening beach cos the one and only bar is located there! And so are the various dive centres. We arrived, dumped our bags, a friend went for his 1st dive while Fairy n i read n fell asleep on the hammocks. As soon as our friend got back, we took a speed boat to Tekek where the duty free shops where located. There were 3 of us. We bought 13 bottles. So thats 13 litres of vodka of every flavour and some whiskey. To last us 4 days. 1 litre per person per day ain't bad. Then some of the more expensive stuff for us to bring back. I bought 12 years Macallans.... couldn't afford the 18 years even at duty free prices. Well i could but one bottle of that equates to 5 vodkas! We sat by the jetty while waiting to be picked up by the boat. We were bored n what else did we have to entertain ourselves except for the 13 bottles we had with us? The friend kept on asking me to keep off the edge of the jetty. As if i was going to fall in!!! But i did have major trouble pouring vodka into the can of lemon tea. Took me about 3 minutes with a lot of spillage. Fairy took a video. Quite funny. Will upload after i find out how to do it. Still very unfamiliar w/ this blogging thing.

My skin! its a gorgeous- slightly pinkish caramalized colour. Wished it was a lil tanner tho but this will do till they next hol. Yes planning the next one already. Brought a few string bikinis so they could be shifted around to give minimum protection and max sun exposure. And less white triangles. My skin was the best during the one year in Barbados (a layering tan is the way to go) but over here, I don't get to sit in the sun for 3 hours each day. :(

I went for my first discovery dive! Decided to do this instead of the full course cos I'm so paranoid about being submerged in water. Started with the theory which totally freaked me out cos there was so much to remember! Then we suited up. I'm so glad i have my own wetsuit, snorkel and mask! Firstly i love gear. And secondly it makes u feel like a superhero, out to save the world! Weird huh but other divers tell me that too. So we deflated and tried a few exercises under water which freaked me out even more. After a while, we descended to 5 metres. And magically, we were transported to a diff world. All fear went away and all the theory stuff, just came totally naturally. Amazing! I saw a baby ray, sergent major, parrot fish n stuff i don't recognize. All i need now are a pair of fins and I'm ready for my open water!

I finally understand now how when 2 divers meet up, they can't stop talking about diving.

I asked the dive master: If u wear fins, u are finning. If u wear flippers, are u flippering? He says no. Hmmm. Flippering sounds like a fun word. Flippering!

After the dive i headed back to the beach .... walking around in my superhero suit looking for my drunkard friends. I was away for a few hours. Surely they'd be drunk by now...... Only to find the friend rolling around in the sand getting. Fairy was totally ignoring them while i said hello to Caucasian Couple sitting next to us. At some point 2 of the friends went out into the sea. Things happen when its dark, you're outdoors and have alcohol coursing thru your veins.

We all erupted in laughter. Except maybe the Caucasian Couple. We invited them to dinner. Somehow we managed to shower one friend who's drunk and tuck him up in bed after changing him 3 times and we went out for some ikan bakar. Caucasian Couple never showed. Maybe we freaked them out?

Ikan bakar for dinner. We had ikan pari. The ray which killed Steve Irwin. Well not exactly the same one. Poor Steve. Poor Ray. Ray's are kinda cute. Lets eat a ray today to revenge Steve.

The next day, we met Caucasion Couple on the beach. They gave us a small smile, adverted their eyes and walked away from us. What did we do? What happened the night before wasn't that wild. Well maybe too wild to be written here, i've been told. Hmmm.... they may think all Malaysians are drunkards and like to do strange things on the beach. Hmmm ..... Hahaha!

Scandalousness, sexiness, shamelessness and sluttiness. Thats the theme of the holiday tho on this trip, i was such a good little Bubbles (pats herself on head) and didn't do anything but feed my friends with alcohol and watch what happens after .........

Now trying to convince a friend to buy a boat / yatch / whatever / so we can go sailing and diving any time we want. Diving in the day. BBQ and champagne on the yatch at night under the stars out in the middle of the ocean. How idealic is that?

Can't wait for the next holiday ......