Friday, September 08, 2006

I'm angry with you Andrew Ho!

ANDREW HO (pic: 3rd from left)!!! I'm very upset with you for hurting Zach. In doing that, you hurt me too. The sound of metal grating against stone when you opened his passenger door ..... onto the top of the curb ..... penetrated my ear drums and pierced right into my heart. And the same sound being replayed as you simply pulled the door close to remove it from the top of the pavement. You could have lifted the door a little at least. Or lifted Zach. That sound is still replaying in my head as i type this. I'm going to remain upset with you till Zach forgives you. Which may take a while!!! I'm undecided yet if revenge should be seeked on Shadow.

Okay. Onto less heart wrenching things. I didn't go to the Shan's networking thing as the traffic jam was pretty bad. So i had dinner with Ewan @ Chilli's 1U. In gearing for my detox week next week, i has chicken caesar salad and tomato juice. So healthy! What a feat since I'm kinda allergic to vegetables. And for lunch, i met Andrew and his friend, Dinesh at a restaurant at Heritage Row. Chicken, fish, vege and rice. Healthy stuff again! (Guess i won't be lunching with Andrew for a while.)

But my efforts in the day all became null and void when i met Paul, Eugene, Colin & Andrew (I'm still mad at you!!! And so is Zach. He's in pain! And i feel his pain!) with Ewan at Bar Flam. Ref to pic above. That used to be one of the rare places which serves premium spirits on ladies night. But they now serve some kinda ice blended cocktails using some crap liquor which gave me a tummy ache. So i went back early. Early for a Thursday night anyway. Bar Flam was pretty far down my list. Its now off my list.


Cyn said...

LOL... I know Ewan and Paul too...

Bubbles said...

We club in the same circles. Its really odd we didn't club together before this.