Wednesday, September 27, 2006

There's an ad in there some where

Was walking round 1U last night after dinner when i encountered a rather interesting scene.

I then sneaked up behind him and took this shot.

And i got closer.

Then what the heck. He looked interesting enough, slumberly just sitting there on the floor with his lappie plugged into the socket and minding his own business. And didn't look like he'll bite so i got closer and asked "Hi. You look really interesting sitting here and i snuck a pic of u. Was wondering if you would mind it if i put your pic on my blog". Also I'm in advertising and i take all sorts of serious and nonsensical pics where ever i go (especially since i finally bought a new camera, the ever lovely, sweet and small-enough-for-a-clubbing bag Sony T10 in baby pink and also my new phone which takes 3.2 megapixel shots with Carl Zeiss lense) as it may just inspire an idea which may transpire into an award winning ad. But i didn't go into that much detail with him.

He looked at me and said "You can take my pic but you should include my tattoo in it."


Thanks Adam of the Pillar! You're a cool dude. Glad to have made your aquaintance. Catch u for coffee or at the book store sometime.


dreamer said...

Bubbles never ceases to amaze me :)

Bubbles said...

Thank you Sin Cyn!