Thursday, September 28, 2006

1 degree of separation

So Adam of the Pillar and i have dinner at the MPH cafe. Besides being of the same age and studying in London (opposite ends of the city), we didn't have that much of a link. We were both fairly happy that there was no link and that we were starting a separate circle. While walking to Starbucks, we passed Celebrity Fitness and i mentioned that I've been there so many times but still have not joined as a member. And he said he used to work there. I mentioned John tried to recruit me. And he said he used to sit next to John. So the circle is linked once again and John Celebrity, you're our one degree of separation!

Try as i might, i can't seem to shake the 1 degree of separation in everyone i meet. I don't even mind meeting someone with 2 degrees of separation. Sooner or later, we'll find a mutual friend. I even tried making friends at yoga, at non clubbing events, at church.....

And you would have thought meeting someone in a mall by simply going up to them would greatly decrease the chances of having mutual friends. Apparently not.


dreamer said...

KL is too small and we all know it :P Check out Alice's chart in the L Word as well... shades of all of us, sans the sex?

Bubbles said...

We do, we do .... its still shocking every now and then. Thats why Friendster is so scary soemtimes.