Monday, September 18, 2006

Rest Up Robbie

Friday - Confirmation that Robbie is feeling fatigued and is canceling the entire Asian leg of his tour. :( But knows nothing about this even tho its been announced by Yahoo, BBC and MSN!

Saturday - Brought some friends from Singapore to the Heineken Thirst event @ KL Tower. Groove Armada Sound Systems were only for only a short while. We left when it began to drizzle. Velvet wasn't that happening either. Then there was a raid (pic was taken with Heng before the raid). Good thing we all got out the back door. Ramadan coming up so bad time to go clubbing so maybe i should be fasting too. Clubbing in the last 1 month has not been fulfilling as usual. I'm hitting the down cycle. Time to hibernate for a month or so. And my blog can be about Alternative Activities to Clubbing. Jasmine suggested origami. How would you like to read about me folding paper cranes?

Sunday - Went to the Times Book Sale again and bought a book on Robbie. Since he can't come, i'll read about him to feel close to him.

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