Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Who gets dibs on the toys?

Last night, thought I'll be a good lil Bubbles n eat porridge for dinner ... since thats what sick people do tho I'm not sure why. Finished a whole bowl at the Ipoh Old Town Cafe in Bangsar before Andrew and daughter joined me. The porridge did nothing to fill me up so i joined them for siew yoke fan after. Then we went back to his place for me to borrow DVDs.

I ended up riding the slide, jumping on the trampoline, throwing balls and playing telephone and doctor with his daughter while drinking wine with Andrew. I don't like babies much but guess am okay with kids when they are old enough to play with. I simply can't do the ooh-ing, ahh-ing, coo-ing and ahboo-CHAK-ing which people tend to do with babies. Then the baby just lies there and drools at you. Whats that about? I don't get it at all.

Anyway, I had fun and I've not tire of playing with kids toys yet. That made me think: If / when i have kids, would we be fighting to play with the same toys? I foresee a conversation like this:
Bubs: Stop it! Let go!
Kid: No! I wanna play with it!
Bubs: So do i!
Kid: Its my toy!
Bubs: Buy I bought it!!!

Hahaha! Then of course I'll win right? Andrew suggests buying 2 sets of toys. Which may be a good idea. But the kid is still not allowed to touch my private collection of toys. Don't want drool all over them. Unless i put them all in space suits for protection.

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