Thursday, September 07, 2006

Still Standing

Yesterday, i went to help a friend out to be a talent for a shoot. It involved standing for about 3 hours and shifting weights from one leg to the other. It isn't easy being talent and its really tiring being in on position for too long. Not even gonna get paid for this but its okay, favour to a friend. Tho he did promise me a nice dinner. I'm thinking maybe Atrium since I've not dined there before. Will post the pic up once the FA is completed.

After 3 hours of standing, i joined a friend for drinks at the wine place at Hartamas Shopping Centre. I was starved and he said there was food there. But all i got was a cheese platter. :( I like the carmenbert tho. Thats my fav cheese. :) And whiskey to wash it down with :)


Cyn said...

Food in Atrium is good. Foie Gras :)

Bubbles said...

Yummy. Put poor duck.