Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Scandalous, Sexiness, Shamelessness, Sluttiness and Flippering

Bubbles is back from Tioman with wonderfully sun kissed skin! Well Baby Boy tells me that its sunned but not kissed yet. ;)

Tioman being a duty free island prob has something to do with it. I kinda remember everything but def not in chronological order. Here are some highlights in no particular order.

Stayed on Salang beach which is the most happening beach cos the one and only bar is located there! And so are the various dive centres. We arrived, dumped our bags, a friend went for his 1st dive while Fairy n i read n fell asleep on the hammocks. As soon as our friend got back, we took a speed boat to Tekek where the duty free shops where located. There were 3 of us. We bought 13 bottles. So thats 13 litres of vodka of every flavour and some whiskey. To last us 4 days. 1 litre per person per day ain't bad. Then some of the more expensive stuff for us to bring back. I bought 12 years Macallans.... couldn't afford the 18 years even at duty free prices. Well i could but one bottle of that equates to 5 vodkas! We sat by the jetty while waiting to be picked up by the boat. We were bored n what else did we have to entertain ourselves except for the 13 bottles we had with us? The friend kept on asking me to keep off the edge of the jetty. As if i was going to fall in!!! But i did have major trouble pouring vodka into the can of lemon tea. Took me about 3 minutes with a lot of spillage. Fairy took a video. Quite funny. Will upload after i find out how to do it. Still very unfamiliar w/ this blogging thing.

My skin! its a gorgeous- slightly pinkish caramalized colour. Wished it was a lil tanner tho but this will do till they next hol. Yes planning the next one already. Brought a few string bikinis so they could be shifted around to give minimum protection and max sun exposure. And less white triangles. My skin was the best during the one year in Barbados (a layering tan is the way to go) but over here, I don't get to sit in the sun for 3 hours each day. :(

I went for my first discovery dive! Decided to do this instead of the full course cos I'm so paranoid about being submerged in water. Started with the theory which totally freaked me out cos there was so much to remember! Then we suited up. I'm so glad i have my own wetsuit, snorkel and mask! Firstly i love gear. And secondly it makes u feel like a superhero, out to save the world! Weird huh but other divers tell me that too. So we deflated and tried a few exercises under water which freaked me out even more. After a while, we descended to 5 metres. And magically, we were transported to a diff world. All fear went away and all the theory stuff, just came totally naturally. Amazing! I saw a baby ray, sergent major, parrot fish n stuff i don't recognize. All i need now are a pair of fins and I'm ready for my open water!

I finally understand now how when 2 divers meet up, they can't stop talking about diving.

I asked the dive master: If u wear fins, u are finning. If u wear flippers, are u flippering? He says no. Hmmm. Flippering sounds like a fun word. Flippering!

After the dive i headed back to the beach .... walking around in my superhero suit looking for my drunkard friends. I was away for a few hours. Surely they'd be drunk by now...... Only to find the friend rolling around in the sand getting. Fairy was totally ignoring them while i said hello to Caucasian Couple sitting next to us. At some point 2 of the friends went out into the sea. Things happen when its dark, you're outdoors and have alcohol coursing thru your veins.

We all erupted in laughter. Except maybe the Caucasian Couple. We invited them to dinner. Somehow we managed to shower one friend who's drunk and tuck him up in bed after changing him 3 times and we went out for some ikan bakar. Caucasian Couple never showed. Maybe we freaked them out?

Ikan bakar for dinner. We had ikan pari. The ray which killed Steve Irwin. Well not exactly the same one. Poor Steve. Poor Ray. Ray's are kinda cute. Lets eat a ray today to revenge Steve.

The next day, we met Caucasion Couple on the beach. They gave us a small smile, adverted their eyes and walked away from us. What did we do? What happened the night before wasn't that wild. Well maybe too wild to be written here, i've been told. Hmmm.... they may think all Malaysians are drunkards and like to do strange things on the beach. Hmmm ..... Hahaha!

Scandalousness, sexiness, shamelessness and sluttiness. Thats the theme of the holiday tho on this trip, i was such a good little Bubbles (pats herself on head) and didn't do anything but feed my friends with alcohol and watch what happens after .........

Now trying to convince a friend to buy a boat / yatch / whatever / so we can go sailing and diving any time we want. Diving in the day. BBQ and champagne on the yatch at night under the stars out in the middle of the ocean. How idealic is that?

Can't wait for the next holiday ......


Cyn said...

Bubbles wasn't that good *wink*. Next holiday soon, soon please

Bubbles said...

We did say the next 1 will be in 2 months. Think we need the accellerate. How does next weekend sound? ;)

cyn said...

LOL... next weekend? Where to babes?

Bubbles said...

Bubbles was a good good girl! *nodding head ferverently*

JD said...

hehehe.. next time u wanna holiday & party like that.. let me know.. Bali would be good.. plenty of Bars.. plenty of Fluids.. plenty of Fun.. hehehe.. we should know.. 5 days of strictly partying and boozing.. check out http://johannasir.blogspot.com/2005/01/bali-new-years-club-tour-2004-05.html

Bubbles said...

When do u want to holiday and party like that? Everyday!!! Actually the next one is planned for Langkawi. Possibly Bangkok.