Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bare Black

I was huffing away and exerting as much force as I could. Back and forth I wiggled. I was contorting in so many positions, my yoga teacher would have been impressed. Soon my back and legs were dripping in sweat. I was thrown against the wall several times when I lost my balance and the feel of my legs. What a workout! My brow was wet and my hair was sticking to my face. How unsexy. Maybe I should relax, I thought. Then maybe it won’t feel so tight and uncomfortable and even painful. Laying down on the floor, I got myself into a more manouravable position. I took a deep breath. Then exhaled. And I thrust forward. But that didn’t help and it still won’t fit! They tell me black looks good on me but at this point, the colour of the skin didn’t matter anymore! I was stuck and about to panic. I also got a few scratch marks in the process. I’m going to start bruising and have carpet burns in the next few days. I’ve been told that it slips in better when the body is wet. But somehow sweat doesn’t count as a lubricant for this task.

So I opened the door, got Logan in and asked for his help.

He held the wet suit upright with my legs half in it. I jumped up. And as I descended down, he yanked it up. After a few times of doing this, I finally managed to get into it and got zipped up.

And that was how I spent all of Sunday visiting 4 different dive shops having a good work out while trying various wet suits of diff colours and designs.

I wanted a pink and white one but Global at 1U tells me it cost over RM1k and I’ll have to order it from Japan. Takes at least 3 weeks to deliver.

But I’m pretty happy with my skin tight black Bare suit. Can’t wait to wear it in Tioman tho I’m just going on a discover dive. Yeah, I went to buy a wet suit just for one dive. But that’s how I am…. I love gear. When I start a new hobby, I like to buy my own outfits and accessories. I’ve about 10 pairs of gym outfits. And I don’t even have a gym membership (tho John has been trying to convince me for the past 5 months). Well at least I look like a gym bunnie when I wear it out and ppl ask if I’m headed to the gym. Maybe I just like multiple personalities. Maybe its cos I have a short attention span.

Will take lotsa pics of my wet suit and post it up after my trip! I leave tomorrow with Pixie.

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