Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My first ever blog .... which went slightly out of control

My first ever blog! Its all the rage and while I've been thinking of starting one for a while now, my analness (when it comes to writing, so please don't think otherwise (U know who you are .... I'm including this note cos of u, less anyone else doubts the meaning )) has been a major hindrance. I tend to mull over my words extensively before writing or typing it out. Each word needs to be perfect and describes my thoughts or emotions just so. Then only will it get entered into my Book. Yes I do write but thats only for me so even close friends don't know much about it. Maybe when i get more comfortably with blogging, I'll eventually post some of my writings up.

Okay so back to blogging - i had so much fun reading my friends' blogs that i thought i should venture into this slowly and see if i enjoy it. So here i am.

I started by asking a few friends who blog - where should i start: Blogspot, Xanga, Friendster .... Is it true that more wmen use Xanga?

Lance tell me he blogs in Friendster cos its a way of expressing himself. Like an artist paints and like a poet pens prose. It doesn't matter if anyone reads it, likes it or agrees with it. Kelvin on the other hand (this is so him) says that blogspot is good cos it has a bloggers interface / sub engine and has good support , can make money out of ...... and he lost me some where there (as usual).

For friends who know me and I've even been told by people whom I've met for 10 minutes - that I have a very short attention span. Can one still get ADD at this age? I sure do and it takes alot to keep me intrigued. So lets see if I can keep at this blogging thing and keep on updating it.
I seeked the advised of Kelvin, who is an expert in cars, photography, pens, anime, Jap and Korean movies, digital equipment, telecommunications, mobile phones, gourmet food, Nonya food and oh i forget what else ....he tells me that a blog is easier to manage if i have a theme.

I guess for me the theme would be partying and clubbing cos thats one activity which i prob do the most and can't seem to tire off. I've been clubbing since 15. So thats 19 years of clubbing and I've yet to see signs of slowing down. People tell me that day will come. Thus i will hit the clubs while waiting for it to hit me.

Figured that when i club with friends on Saturday, we meet up on Sundays for brunch at Kanna or Kiwi, slightly hungover and recollect the events of the following night. When alcohol is involved, 5 memories combined is better than one. And all those funny stories and / or pics should all culminate here. Damn ..... should have started blogging a long time ago. Thats 19 years of wasted stories. Ah the stuff that happens .... i should try recollecting them at some point before my brain (and liver) dies on me.

So this blog is dedicated to all my friends whom I've clubbed with thru out the years.

Firstly Wendy - We had some amazing clubbing nights during Taylors. The number of Tequila Pops we had during RM5 promos (we were poor student) at Brannigan's .... to being rejected from Brannigan's, Boom Boom and Modestos .... all in one night cos she was a few months under aged. I can't stand tequila now by the way. No Tequila shots pls. Gimme a Lemon Drop anyday. Since she got her first bf a few years ago, she's living the life she's always wanted ..... to be a tai tai. So i don't see her much these days but i do remember the days in the clubs. Arena was a really good time for us. I'm waiting for the wedding dinner and the bouncing baby now. Tho pls don't ask me to baby sit. U know how i am with babies. Its not changed .... much.

Ben - who's now in Sydney. We had some wild times in Penang. Drinking G&T at 3pm at Penang Club followed by cocktails at Sigi's by the Sea while watching the sunset and being soothed by the live music. Then to dinner and finishing the night off at Cinta. And then to Tari Burger for supper. And repeating it all again at 3pm the next day. And we're only talking about the weekdays!

Gerry aka Loony - we couldn't stand each other when we were studying in KDU. Thanks to one no good guy but thats a whole long story by itself. But it was clubbing that brought us together. We were in London and we both bugged our respective friends and hallmates to go clubbing with us. They were studious people who rather go shopping or study. So after much bugging, they got fed up and got us together and said "Please leave us alone and u 2 just make friends and go clubbing. And stop bugging us!". So we thought what the heck. Besides, we were desperate. 1 month in London and no clubbing yet? Whats wrong with us!! So with that in common, we hit our first club. Believe that was Equinox at Leicester Square. And there was no turning back. With the objective of going to as many clubs as possibly in London AND still get a minimum of a 2:1, off we went on our adventure. The adventures will be told to u a lil later as that will prob take several days or weeks of writing. It involved being hugged by a Jordie, being picked up a total of 48 times in one night between the both of us, dancing with strippers at Stringfellows, accidentatlly starting a fight among the kwai lohs and hongkies to being chased in a speeding red car down Regent Street. Yes, we really packed a lot into that one year.

Logan - We met at a dotcom company (don't ask which, it has closed down) where we didn't do much work but spent most of our time accompanying the boss for drinks after work. He and i were just talking a few days ago about this- how we were at Bar Flam several years ago and thought it would be fun to get a shot of pure oxygen. But when we went to Absolute Chemistry, they said they no longer had the tanks. So anti climatic! So we thought fuck it, lets drink some more! And we did and at some point, some one jumped on the other and we fell to the ground in the middle of the dance floor. We probably were down there for a good one minute, clutching each other in laughter. We couldn't manage to get off the ground cos we were in such hysterics. Isn't it great how alcohol takes away pain and makes everything funny? I still have the scar some where. Mines on the shoulder and Logan's is on his arm i think.

Shan - We were working in Euro together and somehow didn't club that much together till after we both left. We had some really fun times together. From 'Coming to my level' to seeing his hush pups. At Bar Med, Iguazu, Ghetto and Mambo (tho for this one i had to convince and cajole him to follow me). Read the testimonial he wrote for me for more info. We don't club as much now since he's got a girlfriend ;)

Alicia aka Looqy - Met her thru Shan. Weird thing is that we only got close after she moved to Singapore for work even tho we did party a lil together while she was in KL. Guess we made up for lost time by partying in Singapore every other weekend in the last few months before she left for Boston to do her Masters. She will be there indefinitely. :( Guess thats one more holiday destination to add to the list. Like the flower balloons we're holding? Shan gave it to us. So sweet right? Actually we asked him for some change during a charity fair and we went to buy the balloons and said that he bought it for us. >_<

Joyce the Fairy (i call her Pixie cos she looks like one). I've only met her once last Sat but we seem to get along fine. We better! Since I'll be spending the Merdeka weekend with her watching fish and other people dive in Tioman. I'm also adding her here cos i suspect we'll be fast friends. Also cos she blogged about our first telecon and also our first meeting. Read it and was in stitches. That kinda inspired me more to start this blog. Here's an exerpt from her blog about it:
I think the first sign of us having something in common was a phone call just now.
"Maybe we should drive to Malacca, do u know the way" she asked
"Errr ... if ask Loga .... he's tell u that i possibly have the worst sense of direction ever!"
"Uh-oh ... I'm not very good in directions either....."
"Well, I'm sure we'll find our way"
"Yeah I'm sure we can"
No. 1 - We're both bad at directions!
No. 2 - We're both optimistic!
No 3 - We're both so going to get lost and end up in some kampung some where Hahaha

Wow look how much i've written. An ex did tell me that im an extremist in all that i do. He seems to think its a bad thing. But some friends see it as enthusiasm. A good thing! :)

I can't wait to go on this trip! I better pack some kampung clothing and not just beachy wear. Less we get lost. Just in case!

Well there's something for me to blog about when i get back.

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