Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My stance on consuming shark's fin

I’m so sick of Chinese food. It’s only the 11th day of CNY and I‘ve had enough of yee sang, shark’s fin, abalone and the usual rich Chinese fare. Thank goodness the last CNY lunch with the client ended yesterday. There’s another CNY dinner with a supplier this Fri. It’s gonna be in a Jap restaurant tho. A bit odd but I welcome the change.

I’ve not eaten shark’s fin in the last 3 years. Mine are due to ethical reasons. The fins are cut off and the sharks are thrown back into the sea, left to fend for themselves when they can’t swim. That’s utterly cruel.

However, after thinking about it, the shark’s fins which are served in Chinese restaurants have probably been killed for dried and stored for a couple of years. So if the soup is prepared and served to me and if I don’t eat it, it will only be thrown away. So the shark would have died in vain. Poor shark.

So my new stance is that I would eat it if it was served to me during a wedding dinner or a banquet. But I will not willingly order it.

So please note that there will be no shark’s fin soup during my wedding dinner.

Come to think of it, there’s not even going to be a Chinese dinner.

Steak and Moet sounds better than shark’s fin, doesn’t it?

Friday, February 23, 2007

He loves Zach and I

My darling not only loves me to bits but he loves Zach too! While sending our cars to be washed yesterday evening, he got a wax for Zach too. Zach's almost a year old but he looks brand new and shiny now. My darling loves not only every part of me but all that i am and all that i have too. I love you too my darling. You're the best. Ever.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bubbles is a Puddle

Everyday that we’re together is a celebration. He makes every single moment extra special.

Last night, after work, we went to 1U to check out rings at Selberan. Though it’s one of the premium brands around in KL, it’s still only about half the price of Tiffany’s. Think Carat Club’s price range is about the same as Selberan but as far as I can remember the last time I was in one of their stores, their engagement rings weren’t spectacular. Can’t think of any other premium jewelry stores. But my darling is bent on getting the creme de la creme. So, for now, we’re still set on Tiffany’s.

Then we went shopping for shorts for me. He bought me 2 pairs from FOS and Rip Curl.

After which we went to Jack’s Place. We had lobster bisque, oriental chicken wings (which he painstakingly deboned for me), prawn mango salad and steak.

After a cigarette and walking around, we ended the night with Haagen Dazs Macadamia Brittle, Panna Cotta & Raspberry and Belgian Chocolate.

My darling spoils me. He makes me melt. Bubbles is a puddle.

Shopping as an Attached Person

I’ve never enjoyed shopping (yes yes, I’m so not a girl in that way) and only shop when I have to get something specific. Now that Paul and I want to spend every single moment we have together, he’s of course with me when I need to buy stuff. Yesterday, we went looking for shorts for me.

To me, shorts are meant to be short. But when I’m going over to his parent’s house, I can’t wear my version of shorts. So we went hunting for ‘longer’ shorts. Took me a while cos all the ‘long’ shorts look so odd. Finally found 2 pairs tho in FOS and Rip Curl.

And I finally understand something which has perplexed me for the past few months. Why do guys hold their girlfriend’s handbags when they are walking in a mall?

When I was trying on the shorts, Paul helped me hold my handbag. And after I decided on the pair, he took the shorts, walks to the cashier, pays for it, and we walk out of the shop with him holding my new purchase as well as my handbag.

That’s how! One mystery solved.

Quite a few things about women perplex me. One of them why they ban their fiancĂ©e’s ex girlfriends from their weddings. Come on, the guy is going to marry u and not his ex. So what’s your issue with them? But that’s another gripe which I will elaborate on towards the end of the year.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

1 month, 1 week and 1 day

So here we are. In a very new relationship but totally sure where we are headed.

Over the CNY holidays, I spent some time with Paul’s family and visiting his side of the relatives.

And he was sweet enough to drive me all the way to JB on the 2nd day of CNY to meet my dad, just for lunch. Think that earned him several brownie points from my dad. Especially since this was after all the first meeting. Though my dad did say a thing or 2 which sounded like it was out of ‘Meet the Parents’, it wasn’t as nightmarish as that. I had butterflies in my tummy just before we pulled up at the door. My dad isn’t the easiest guy to please. And u know how dads are with their daughters what more with me being his one and only. Couldn’t imagine what was going thru Paul’s mind (and heart and stomach) but the meeting went extremely well. So now we just have to wait for my mum to get back in May for the next ‘Meet The Parents' session but I foresee that to be a breeze.

1 months, 1 week and 1 day into the relationship and we’re talking about the wedding. And it’s not all talk. We went to Tiffany to look at rings. Of course we’ll be shopping around first but Tiffany is one of the ultimate rings out there. Very aspirational. But my darling looks pasts aspirational. He wants to makes ‘aspirational’ and ‘fairytale’ into a reality. As much as he can within our means. He is amazing and I love him so much.

Who would have thought 2 months ago ……. I’d be where I am now.

My dear friend Looqy who’s now in Boston studying for her masters read my blog and emailed me the sweetest message. Here’s an except from her mail:

“So many things flow in my mind when i read that. of cos, while reading your declaration of love and happiness, i feel a sense of happiness (like a parent when their child has found the love of their life) - trully am so happy for you (true love amidst this world of cruelty and uncertainty always prevails). but as i read further down for the past few months of your life...i felt that you are truly a person who isnt what you project to the world.

when i initially met you, i tot - geez this gal is nutty. n i didnt know how to really react to you, just tat since u are shan's friend and shan's someone dear to me i'll be cordial. but as we partied and had our coffees together, i felt like hei - there's something bout her that is warm and genuine. it's just all hidden under a facade tat is also part of her.

thank you for taking your time to make me a friend, for showing me some crazy fun times yet a sense of reality -having my feet rooted on the ground and confirming God's unwavering love and grace to give us our dreams in His due time. i have many friends whom i can count on and who loves me unconditionally (just like you) but none who can be a part of this crazy world (where black has turned to gray and white is unreal) and yet has the same idealism (yes many ppl think it's ideal but not real to find tat love of your life the way you describe it) and has shown me that that idealism is and can be a reality."

You have put it very well. Yes I project a crazy, loopy (and that’s why I’m Loopy and u r Looqy and we have Loony too tho she’s busy these days) insane persona sometimes. And while that is also a part of me, that’s not all that I am. Thank you for seeing past that and seeing the many facets of me. You and Paul and a handful of close friends have seen that side of me. Even some of the people I have gone out with before this didn’t see that. They really didn’t know me at all. So I’m sure it will come as a shock to them to see that I can quieten down and I can be stable and actually want to get married.

Yes, we should stick to what ideals which we have. Too many people settle in this day and age. They are unhappy but they swallow and plough through anyway. It will slowly eat them up inside. But it’s something I can understand as it’s due to the many pressures which society has placed on us. Even friends our own age can put the pressure on. But when the time is not right, it’s just not right and there’s no point forcing it. And when it’s right, it flows so smoothly and seamlessly. And you know in your heart that ‘This is it’. I truly believe that the brave will prevail in the end and will find that it was worth the fear and the wait. I will pray to God for you as I have done for myself and he will show you His plan in His time. Trust in Him and all will be delivered. My dearest Looqy. Thank you for your thoughts and wishes. Missing u loads over here and can’t wait to catch up with u when u get back to KL.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

34 Days

A story 10 years in the making

Didn’t our life then seem a little lacking

The past 34 days has been amazing

We’re already talking about a wedding ring

In one moment our hearts touched

Never thought I could feel this much

Even if this sounds like a cliché

Your face brightens my day

Holding your hand in mine

It’s a feeling that’s divine

When you hold me in your arms

I could never feel any harm

When you hug me to sleep

I feel a comfort that is so deep

When we kiss, the world melts away

And the ground beneath me will sway

I love you with all my heart and soul

I’ve found someone who makes me whole

The missing piece of the puzzle

I will always be your girl

My darling Paul Wong

You are my heartsong

Now that you’ve come into my life

I can’t wait to be your wife

You’re the one I’ll love and obey

Happy Valentine’s Day

Monday, February 12, 2007

Now, Always, Forever and Eternity

10th Feb 2007

We have achieved yet another milestone in our relationship. Apart from being the best boyfriend ever, reading my mind and preempting my every need and want, ensuring I am happy at every single moment of the day we are together, making me melt again and again everyday with his love and gestures, planning for the future together, loving me in everyway possible……

Today my darling made what is to me, one of the ultimate declarations of love. One which is not only akin to marriage but possibly even more permanent than marriage itself.

The line ‘Amanda Yap for eternity’ in my own handwriting is now tattooed on my darling’s right arm.

Many would say “You both just met. Isn’t this a huge declaration?”. Yes that’s exactly what it is. A huge declaration to the world and everyone who knows us. It may be soon and we may have accelerated the dating process. But we are so sure. Nothing has ever felt this right. And there’s no one else who’s a more perfect fit for me.

Skeptics or cynics would say that this is silly or that this is a mistake. I would have agreed - 1 month before today. That is, until I felt the purity of his love. Now I wish that everyone in the world could experience what my darling has given me. I feel like I’m floating on a cloud. If there was a Could 10, I’d be elevated to that. I just want to hug everyone and shout it from the mountain tops.

This is it. This is the real thing. Through blood, sweat and tears, we have been promised to each other.

My darling, you have succeeded in making me levitate.

I can’t wait to make it official.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Paper into fettucinni

After 1 month of working on Guinness, I finally have a day where I can work at a comfortable pace and not have to run around breathless. I even have time to blog and clear up the mass of papers on my table. Cleared out about 2 reams of paper. Sat at the paper shredder machine for a few minutes and fed paper and saw them all being shredded to fettucinni-like shapes. I like shredding. Something about the sound and how one thing changes shape into another. And the feeling of minor destruction. I rather like demolishing things really. I’d like to go to a Greek festival and shatter plates on the floor. I’d like to set fire on stuff and make it go up on smoke. I’d like to operate one of those machines with the big metal ball and send it crashing into the side of a building and create a big gaping hole. Or even better still, place dynamite under a building, press a button and see the entire thing come crashing down.

Hmmmm …. That’s rather unbecoming of sweet little Bubbles. I don’t know whats gotten into me. Maybe it’s the mounting stress from work and since I can’t actually do most of the stuff, talking about it is the next best thing.

Happy Full Moon Baby Isabelle

Fruitcake is a mother. And I’m a (fairy) god mother. It’s been a month and it still feels surreal. Even Baby Isabelle’s baby shower on Sat, 3rd Feb didn’t do anything to make it more real. Asked Gerry if the party and clubbing mode in her has been switched off due to the baby. She says no. So as soon as she’s well and out of confinement, we’ll try going clubbing and see if the Freaky Fruitcake returns. Esp since Isabelle was conceived in one of the heights of the Fruitcake / Bubbles clubbing mode.

True to form, Swing and Chivas were served and the old Viva kaki were catching up on the good old times of our home club. That was 7 years ago. Some are married (to each other) and have kids. And some are on the way there.

I’m not as freaked out these days holding a baby. Maybe it’s the age. At least I didn’t hold Isabelle at arm’s length. Enjoyed playing with Puppy Too tho. Maybe I’ll play with Isabelle more when she’s grows up a little and is less fragile.

Happy Full Moon Baby Isabelle!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bubbles turns 30!

1st February 2007

Happy 30th birthday to Bubbles! And this year, my party was different from the others.

1. I actually had it on the eve and flowing into the actual day. This is compared to having it a month later or even in October. I don’t blame my friends for wishing me happy birthday throughout the year.

2. I had it small. Only 30 friends. Compared to 80 people last year.

3. It’s not in a club! Well, had it in Somo which is a bar which we eventually turned into our own little club but that’s besides the point.

4. Had the opposite of Flaming Lamborghini. Had this drink which is called Anarchy or something which is freezing cold and has 4 shots of brandy mixed with fruit juice and crushed ice. Had it twice, apart from the Guinness, whiskey, some cocktails and Moet.

With my darling Paul

Paul bought me a Powerpuff birthday cake!
And Fossil watches designed by Philippe Starck. Matching black and white. So sweet.

A toast to my 3rd decade!

Let's get more Moet!

Getting there but not drunk yet.

Straight from the tap with the gang from Somo.

Kissy kissy!

More kisses!

And more! (There were a lot more kisses throughout the night but i believe that those present would want them to be censored).

And one should always end the night with a pint of Guinness.

Thank you to all my friends who came to the party and making it memorable. Well i know it was fun but i don't remember much by about 2am..........

Here's to a fantasic 3rd decade. Life begins at 30. Yay!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Saatchi's trip to Chiang Mai

4.45am Friday 26th Jan 2007

Bubbles Doesn’t Bounce at 4 in the morn

Sitting at my lobby now waiting for Michelle. All is still and dark. Think I hear a criket. Could be a bird tho. I’m hungry. And sleepy. Need coffee. Its too early.

Cedric is glad to be going on a hol!

Cedric feels bored on the flight and decides to make some new friends


Malaysian time tho I think we’re flying over Thailand now so technically it should be 9.29am. Well 10.30 am now after I finish this sentence.

Things to do on a Air Asia flight where the seats are small and cramped, there’s no in-flight TV programmes, you have to pay for food and you’re not allowed to drink any alcohol even if you bring your own and buy the mixers from them.

  1. Run sideways up and down the alley
  1. Lie down flat on the alley, taking up about 67sft of the very limited floor space.
  1. Say “Hi. I’m Bubbles. I’m your flight attendant on this flight. The menu is located in the pocket of the seat in front of you. May I take your order for any food or drinks? Our special for today is the nasi lemak”. Take order. Be mindful of the seat numbers. Pass the order list to air stewardess. Ensure they don’t think it’s a joke or there will be many angry and hungry passengers on the plane.
  1. Play chor tai ti using the numbers on a one ringgit. Lionel pulled this one out of the rabbit’s hat but did manage to entertain me for about 10 minutes.
  1. Blog. Even if its pen to paper. Then typing it out once a PC becomes available and posting it on Blogger.
  1. Have a barf bag design competition among the passengers.

Finally we arrive and get fed. Cedric is hungry too but sits in a bowl while waiting for the rice to be served.
In a mini bus exploring Chiang Mai

Saturday night. The party begins!

Too many pics taken from the party. So won't post them all here.