Monday, February 12, 2007

Now, Always, Forever and Eternity

10th Feb 2007

We have achieved yet another milestone in our relationship. Apart from being the best boyfriend ever, reading my mind and preempting my every need and want, ensuring I am happy at every single moment of the day we are together, making me melt again and again everyday with his love and gestures, planning for the future together, loving me in everyway possible……

Today my darling made what is to me, one of the ultimate declarations of love. One which is not only akin to marriage but possibly even more permanent than marriage itself.

The line ‘Amanda Yap for eternity’ in my own handwriting is now tattooed on my darling’s right arm.

Many would say “You both just met. Isn’t this a huge declaration?”. Yes that’s exactly what it is. A huge declaration to the world and everyone who knows us. It may be soon and we may have accelerated the dating process. But we are so sure. Nothing has ever felt this right. And there’s no one else who’s a more perfect fit for me.

Skeptics or cynics would say that this is silly or that this is a mistake. I would have agreed - 1 month before today. That is, until I felt the purity of his love. Now I wish that everyone in the world could experience what my darling has given me. I feel like I’m floating on a cloud. If there was a Could 10, I’d be elevated to that. I just want to hug everyone and shout it from the mountain tops.

This is it. This is the real thing. Through blood, sweat and tears, we have been promised to each other.

My darling, you have succeeded in making me levitate.

I can’t wait to make it official.

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Paul said...

hope you like it baby... love you...