Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bubbles turns 30!

1st February 2007

Happy 30th birthday to Bubbles! And this year, my party was different from the others.

1. I actually had it on the eve and flowing into the actual day. This is compared to having it a month later or even in October. I don’t blame my friends for wishing me happy birthday throughout the year.

2. I had it small. Only 30 friends. Compared to 80 people last year.

3. It’s not in a club! Well, had it in Somo which is a bar which we eventually turned into our own little club but that’s besides the point.

4. Had the opposite of Flaming Lamborghini. Had this drink which is called Anarchy or something which is freezing cold and has 4 shots of brandy mixed with fruit juice and crushed ice. Had it twice, apart from the Guinness, whiskey, some cocktails and Moet.

With my darling Paul

Paul bought me a Powerpuff birthday cake!
And Fossil watches designed by Philippe Starck. Matching black and white. So sweet.

A toast to my 3rd decade!

Let's get more Moet!

Getting there but not drunk yet.

Straight from the tap with the gang from Somo.

Kissy kissy!

More kisses!

And more! (There were a lot more kisses throughout the night but i believe that those present would want them to be censored).

And one should always end the night with a pint of Guinness.

Thank you to all my friends who came to the party and making it memorable. Well i know it was fun but i don't remember much by about 2am..........

Here's to a fantasic 3rd decade. Life begins at 30. Yay!

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