Wednesday, February 14, 2007

34 Days

A story 10 years in the making

Didn’t our life then seem a little lacking

The past 34 days has been amazing

We’re already talking about a wedding ring

In one moment our hearts touched

Never thought I could feel this much

Even if this sounds like a cliché

Your face brightens my day

Holding your hand in mine

It’s a feeling that’s divine

When you hold me in your arms

I could never feel any harm

When you hug me to sleep

I feel a comfort that is so deep

When we kiss, the world melts away

And the ground beneath me will sway

I love you with all my heart and soul

I’ve found someone who makes me whole

The missing piece of the puzzle

I will always be your girl

My darling Paul Wong

You are my heartsong

Now that you’ve come into my life

I can’t wait to be your wife

You’re the one I’ll love and obey

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Paul said...

WOW!!! Wwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...............