Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Happy Full Moon Baby Isabelle

Fruitcake is a mother. And I’m a (fairy) god mother. It’s been a month and it still feels surreal. Even Baby Isabelle’s baby shower on Sat, 3rd Feb didn’t do anything to make it more real. Asked Gerry if the party and clubbing mode in her has been switched off due to the baby. She says no. So as soon as she’s well and out of confinement, we’ll try going clubbing and see if the Freaky Fruitcake returns. Esp since Isabelle was conceived in one of the heights of the Fruitcake / Bubbles clubbing mode.

True to form, Swing and Chivas were served and the old Viva kaki were catching up on the good old times of our home club. That was 7 years ago. Some are married (to each other) and have kids. And some are on the way there.

I’m not as freaked out these days holding a baby. Maybe it’s the age. At least I didn’t hold Isabelle at arm’s length. Enjoyed playing with Puppy Too tho. Maybe I’ll play with Isabelle more when she’s grows up a little and is less fragile.

Happy Full Moon Baby Isabelle!

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