Friday, February 02, 2007

Saatchi's trip to Chiang Mai

4.45am Friday 26th Jan 2007

Bubbles Doesn’t Bounce at 4 in the morn

Sitting at my lobby now waiting for Michelle. All is still and dark. Think I hear a criket. Could be a bird tho. I’m hungry. And sleepy. Need coffee. Its too early.

Cedric is glad to be going on a hol!

Cedric feels bored on the flight and decides to make some new friends


Malaysian time tho I think we’re flying over Thailand now so technically it should be 9.29am. Well 10.30 am now after I finish this sentence.

Things to do on a Air Asia flight where the seats are small and cramped, there’s no in-flight TV programmes, you have to pay for food and you’re not allowed to drink any alcohol even if you bring your own and buy the mixers from them.

  1. Run sideways up and down the alley
  1. Lie down flat on the alley, taking up about 67sft of the very limited floor space.
  1. Say “Hi. I’m Bubbles. I’m your flight attendant on this flight. The menu is located in the pocket of the seat in front of you. May I take your order for any food or drinks? Our special for today is the nasi lemak”. Take order. Be mindful of the seat numbers. Pass the order list to air stewardess. Ensure they don’t think it’s a joke or there will be many angry and hungry passengers on the plane.
  1. Play chor tai ti using the numbers on a one ringgit. Lionel pulled this one out of the rabbit’s hat but did manage to entertain me for about 10 minutes.
  1. Blog. Even if its pen to paper. Then typing it out once a PC becomes available and posting it on Blogger.
  1. Have a barf bag design competition among the passengers.

Finally we arrive and get fed. Cedric is hungry too but sits in a bowl while waiting for the rice to be served.
In a mini bus exploring Chiang Mai

Saturday night. The party begins!

Too many pics taken from the party. So won't post them all here.

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