Thursday, February 22, 2007

Shopping as an Attached Person

I’ve never enjoyed shopping (yes yes, I’m so not a girl in that way) and only shop when I have to get something specific. Now that Paul and I want to spend every single moment we have together, he’s of course with me when I need to buy stuff. Yesterday, we went looking for shorts for me.

To me, shorts are meant to be short. But when I’m going over to his parent’s house, I can’t wear my version of shorts. So we went hunting for ‘longer’ shorts. Took me a while cos all the ‘long’ shorts look so odd. Finally found 2 pairs tho in FOS and Rip Curl.

And I finally understand something which has perplexed me for the past few months. Why do guys hold their girlfriend’s handbags when they are walking in a mall?

When I was trying on the shorts, Paul helped me hold my handbag. And after I decided on the pair, he took the shorts, walks to the cashier, pays for it, and we walk out of the shop with him holding my new purchase as well as my handbag.

That’s how! One mystery solved.

Quite a few things about women perplex me. One of them why they ban their fiancée’s ex girlfriends from their weddings. Come on, the guy is going to marry u and not his ex. So what’s your issue with them? But that’s another gripe which I will elaborate on towards the end of the year.

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