Wednesday, February 21, 2007

1 month, 1 week and 1 day

So here we are. In a very new relationship but totally sure where we are headed.

Over the CNY holidays, I spent some time with Paul’s family and visiting his side of the relatives.

And he was sweet enough to drive me all the way to JB on the 2nd day of CNY to meet my dad, just for lunch. Think that earned him several brownie points from my dad. Especially since this was after all the first meeting. Though my dad did say a thing or 2 which sounded like it was out of ‘Meet the Parents’, it wasn’t as nightmarish as that. I had butterflies in my tummy just before we pulled up at the door. My dad isn’t the easiest guy to please. And u know how dads are with their daughters what more with me being his one and only. Couldn’t imagine what was going thru Paul’s mind (and heart and stomach) but the meeting went extremely well. So now we just have to wait for my mum to get back in May for the next ‘Meet The Parents' session but I foresee that to be a breeze.

1 months, 1 week and 1 day into the relationship and we’re talking about the wedding. And it’s not all talk. We went to Tiffany to look at rings. Of course we’ll be shopping around first but Tiffany is one of the ultimate rings out there. Very aspirational. But my darling looks pasts aspirational. He wants to makes ‘aspirational’ and ‘fairytale’ into a reality. As much as he can within our means. He is amazing and I love him so much.

Who would have thought 2 months ago ……. I’d be where I am now.

My dear friend Looqy who’s now in Boston studying for her masters read my blog and emailed me the sweetest message. Here’s an except from her mail:

“So many things flow in my mind when i read that. of cos, while reading your declaration of love and happiness, i feel a sense of happiness (like a parent when their child has found the love of their life) - trully am so happy for you (true love amidst this world of cruelty and uncertainty always prevails). but as i read further down for the past few months of your life...i felt that you are truly a person who isnt what you project to the world.

when i initially met you, i tot - geez this gal is nutty. n i didnt know how to really react to you, just tat since u are shan's friend and shan's someone dear to me i'll be cordial. but as we partied and had our coffees together, i felt like hei - there's something bout her that is warm and genuine. it's just all hidden under a facade tat is also part of her.

thank you for taking your time to make me a friend, for showing me some crazy fun times yet a sense of reality -having my feet rooted on the ground and confirming God's unwavering love and grace to give us our dreams in His due time. i have many friends whom i can count on and who loves me unconditionally (just like you) but none who can be a part of this crazy world (where black has turned to gray and white is unreal) and yet has the same idealism (yes many ppl think it's ideal but not real to find tat love of your life the way you describe it) and has shown me that that idealism is and can be a reality."

You have put it very well. Yes I project a crazy, loopy (and that’s why I’m Loopy and u r Looqy and we have Loony too tho she’s busy these days) insane persona sometimes. And while that is also a part of me, that’s not all that I am. Thank you for seeing past that and seeing the many facets of me. You and Paul and a handful of close friends have seen that side of me. Even some of the people I have gone out with before this didn’t see that. They really didn’t know me at all. So I’m sure it will come as a shock to them to see that I can quieten down and I can be stable and actually want to get married.

Yes, we should stick to what ideals which we have. Too many people settle in this day and age. They are unhappy but they swallow and plough through anyway. It will slowly eat them up inside. But it’s something I can understand as it’s due to the many pressures which society has placed on us. Even friends our own age can put the pressure on. But when the time is not right, it’s just not right and there’s no point forcing it. And when it’s right, it flows so smoothly and seamlessly. And you know in your heart that ‘This is it’. I truly believe that the brave will prevail in the end and will find that it was worth the fear and the wait. I will pray to God for you as I have done for myself and he will show you His plan in His time. Trust in Him and all will be delivered. My dearest Looqy. Thank you for your thoughts and wishes. Missing u loads over here and can’t wait to catch up with u when u get back to KL.

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