Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Paper into fettucinni

After 1 month of working on Guinness, I finally have a day where I can work at a comfortable pace and not have to run around breathless. I even have time to blog and clear up the mass of papers on my table. Cleared out about 2 reams of paper. Sat at the paper shredder machine for a few minutes and fed paper and saw them all being shredded to fettucinni-like shapes. I like shredding. Something about the sound and how one thing changes shape into another. And the feeling of minor destruction. I rather like demolishing things really. I’d like to go to a Greek festival and shatter plates on the floor. I’d like to set fire on stuff and make it go up on smoke. I’d like to operate one of those machines with the big metal ball and send it crashing into the side of a building and create a big gaping hole. Or even better still, place dynamite under a building, press a button and see the entire thing come crashing down.

Hmmmm …. That’s rather unbecoming of sweet little Bubbles. I don’t know whats gotten into me. Maybe it’s the mounting stress from work and since I can’t actually do most of the stuff, talking about it is the next best thing.

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