Thursday, September 14, 2006

Undetoxing Superhero

This detox isn't working very well for me.

Mon - drank 1 glass of wine with Andrew.

Tues - woke up and lost my voice. Went home from work and was chilling out at home when John called. Wanted to test his new home sound system. We were drinking with one of his friends and i was dancing to super loud music. By the time i got home, i promptly passed out from the alcohol. Apparently John did too but at least he didn't have to make it home. (Logan, i don't know why all the drinks i mix these days make people pass out!)

Wed - Woke up feeling a lot better! And i could talk! Think my body needs alcohol in order to function. And the thought of a detox makes the body go into 'shut down' mode.

Since I'm feeling much better, i decided to go for the Save the World Superhero party @ Maison organized by Arts & Earth ( I went as who else but Bubbles! It was good to see Raj and Teoh. The turn out was low but the capoeira by the Street Fighters were cool. Always wanted to take up capoeira but the one time i did, i only survived for half hour and ached for the 2 weeks after that.

I also dropped by to Ivy to see Colin and to Cynna's 1st anniversary where i met John. And also Johan whom i met at the Brannigan's Revival party a few weeks back. Pic of Bubbles and Bubbles is courtesy of Johan! Thanks for always carrying a camera around and sending the pics to me so promptly!

Thurs - Ixy died on me so I've to rely on other people's cameras till the weekend when i get a replacement. I'm pretty sad about Ixy but then again he's survive one too many parties, events and trips. Its time for him to rest.

I'm off to get a warm whiskey. Less i fall ill tomorrow.

These pics courtesy of Fiona.

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