Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Belated Post Holiday Blues

Thats me. Sound asleep on the hammock under the coconut trees in Tioman with the sea breeze rocking me into a gentle slumber.

And thats where i wanna be right now!!!

Post holidays blues has hit albeit a day late. The shot of expresso this morning and the fag mildly elevated my mood.

Maybe its worst cos the Scandalous Crew from the trip were supposed to meet this Fri but now its been cancelled cos The Tongue has a family thing and Fairy has lotsa work as usual. Sin Cyn was gonna cook (i requested for sirloin in red wine sauce) and then we would all get drunk and watch the videos and photos taken on the trip. That would guarantee an eruption of laughter and rollings on the floor. And relive the moment and pretend we're on a pseudo holiday......

I'm still wearing my beachy wrap-around skirts to work so i can be in denial. I shall do the same tomorrow and wear my crocs too. They're so cute. I have the Beach. The Tongue and i wanna get the Nile after this.

At least its lunch time. I need coffee.........

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