Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lord Don't Slow Me Down

Marsupial got tickets for a rather interesting movie last night. It’s a rockumentary (no that’s not a typo) film, on Oasis' Don't Believe The Truth world tour which took place from May 2005 to March 2006 I heard that it was shot on a Nokia N Series (the promo buntings even had the N Series logos) but when I caught the cameraman on the reflection of a mirror, it was a videocam.

It was an interesting show. Very Brit so not everyone may be able to appreciate. Lotsa F-ing and blinding by Liam and Noel and the gang so there were many moments of silence during the movie. There was even a shot of a girl exposing her boobs in the crowd during on of the concerts. Hehe.

Wikepedia says that: Various fans-only private screenings have been taking place in November 2006 and an edited version of the film was broadcast on Channel 4 in Britian. A future cinema release is yet to be confirmed, however, it was confirmed by Radio DJ Billy Sloan at the Glasgow screening that the film would be released on DVD in 2007.

I rather enjoyed it tho I did get a headache at the end. Watching 95 mins of hand held filming does do your head in. Didn't get the connection of the title and the show. Also, only Oasis fans would enjoy it. Marsupial fell asleep! Prob a good idea for them not to go commercial with this.

However, I don’t understand it from a branding point of view. If Nokia N Series sponsored it, there was no product placement in the show. And no credits either after the show. The only time I saw it was on a bunting outside the cinema. And how does Junk magazine benefit from sponsoring the show? Not much visibility for the mag during the screening either.

Think the plot was lost somewhere in there. At least it did make me feel like going off to buy Oasis’ latest album.

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