Thursday, December 07, 2006

Paper cuts & Marshmallows

Went for a cigarette break and a few of my colleagues are getting tattoos next week.

I often ask ppl how they would describe the pain of getting a tattoo. Some say it’s like an ant bite. Some say it’s like a million ant bites. Adam of the Pillar describes it as “A paper cut. On the tongue”.

Arrrrrgggggh! I’m a very mental person and it’s very hard to get an image out once I’ve conjured it in my head. I can almost feel the pain each time. He told me that a few months ago but the image still pops into my head now and then. The talk about tattoos brought back the image.

So my only remedy is to think of a big, bouncy, fluffy, soft, pink marshmallow on my tongue. No paper cuts. No space for paper in the mouth. Just a big marshmallow.

I still feel a bit of the pain. I feel faint……..

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