Friday, December 01, 2006

Corn Sticks Around

I didn’t realize that corn doesn’t digest till I met a girl who refuses to eat anything which shows up as part of its original form in her stool. After that, I was more observant and I found out that there is indeed evidence of the corn.

Still, I wasn’t satisfied so I Googled it and found that corn does digest. But it’s the cover of the kernel that doesn’t get digested. The filling of the kernel does. It comprises mainly of starch (complex carbohydrate) and a little bit of protein, vitamins and minerals.

I had fun finding out that bit of info as well as several other interesting facts. I esp enjoyed a site called The Poo Report. A conversation on the topic ‘Corn in the Poop?’ has been going on for 3 years!

Ppl sure enjoy their shit. I’ve encountered many a dinner conversation which centred around poop. In fancy restaurants sometimes. Yes, its so wrong but it happens.

I met this one guy for the first time and his opening lines were about his shitting habits. Okay I know that’s very off but he was so very funny. Yes we’re still friends.

And one need only look at the Kancil Award entries to know what inspires the creatives to come up with ads or possibly where they come up with their creative ideas.

So, tonight. Eat some corn. See if its still around tomorrow. Enjoy the experiment.

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