Thursday, December 14, 2006

Waffle & Snuffle's Night of Destruction

Waffle and Snuffles. That’s the name I gave to 2 of Sin Cyn’s rabbits I was fostering for a few days. I let them loose on the balcony and they were happily hopping here and there, jumping into on flower pot filled with dirt to reach to another pot to eat the leaves. They’re pretty cute creatures especially when they stand on their hind legs and their front paws hang down in front of them while their faces are tilted upwads sniffing the air.

As night came, I transferred them to the bathroom as the rain was coming. And I don’t think bunnies like being wet.

The next morning, I opened the bathroom door. The rabbits panic and started to scamper all around the bathroom. U won’t believe how much shit 2 rabbits can produce in a matter of 8 hours. It was every where! There were more than 100 balls of shit! Good thing its hard pellets so it’s not so yucky. But they spilt some water so there were mainly round balls of shit but also wet sludgy shit flying all over the bathroom! I panic and quickly shut the door less they run out and I sat on the toilet bowl with my knees to my chin for about 5 minutes till the running slowed and they calmed down.

I sat there for another 3 minutes in horror, at the mess they created. Especially after the running around like bunnies on speed with their hind legs kicking up everything in their path. Not only was the place literally filled with shit of various consistencies but they also nearly chewed thru the measuring tape, tipped over the contents of the waste bin and chewed thru a box of waxing strips (good thing they didn’t manage to unstick the strips or Sin Cyn will be left with very bald rabbits).

Needless to say, I returned the rabbits promptly.

Still need a dog. No another animal can substitute a creature as loving, loyal and responsive.


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What i wrote doesn't half do justice of what actually happened in the bathroom where i was perched on the toilet bowl. U r right, should have taken a video but by the time i opened the door and the comotion started, there just wasn't time.