Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Vintage Monte Cristo

I’m not really a wine person. It gives me a mellow high (or maybe it should be called a ‘mellow low’) and makes me sleepy. But when I get home I can’t sleep. Very frustrating.

Single malt whiskey is my drink of choice.

But more and more of my friends are into wine and most of them go to Vintry in D’sara Heights. Was there last night with the watch collectors and purist group. The wine was flowing and we were offered Monte Cristo Vintage cigars. Not sure what’s considered vintage is when it comes to cigars but this one was 7 years old and oh so smooth and yummy. It went well with the wine and the roasted pork.

Didn’t think I’d enjoy cigars but the past 1 year has proven otherwise. Maybe like many good things in life, it’s an acquired taste and after that, you don’t turn back.

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