Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy 2007!

1st Jan 2007

First day of the new year! Happy New Year! Kevin the Random Soy picks me up 2 hours late. By which time I was starving. Most cafes and bistros were closed so we ended up in a coffee shop for some yummy pan mee. Thereafter we headed to Low Yat Plaza where we tried several tactics of negotiation before he purchased his Palm TX.

We were done by 3.30pm. I asked him if he still wanted to go to PD. And it was meant to be a day trip, mind you. He said yes so we headed out of the city. He took a wrong turn. And then another. Sorry, there were no wrong turns. He meant to take the scenic route

Eventually, we ended back in the city. So we called the trip off. And decided to play tourist.

We had Arabic tea is some Arabic Café.

Had Malacca coffee at Asia Café. Very authentic and quaint. Liked the old portraits. Checked out the antiques. Sadly, the people who go there are tourists. Locals don’t seem to appreciate our own heritage.

Went to Chinatown and bought a wand to complete my fairy outfit. It’s also to grant wishes for my god daughter on the day she is going to be born, just like the fairy god mothers in Sleepy Beauty.

Had teh tarik in Di Tebing near Merdeka Square. Have always driven past the place as it is very strategically located but have never thought to go there. We went anyway despite stares from a few Malay people, with that typically being their hangout and all.

Went to Coffee Bean Mont Kiara but every table was taken so we ended up in Starbucks.

Overall, a fun, interesting and relaxing day even though nothing went according to plan.

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