Monday, January 22, 2007

One Moment

Just before Christmas I spoke to God. I asked him for a man.

A man who would make me happy. Just looking at him would make me smile.

A man with face I can love more and more each day.

A man whom I can respect. One whom I can look up to. Literally and metaphorically.

A man with ambition and drive. To be strong and achieves what he wants.

A man who will take care of me. And let me take care of him in return.

A man who would hold my hand. And I’ll know that it’s a perfect fit.

A man with whom I’ll have similar interests yet see me as an individual.

A man who lived close by. And You granted that he lives up the road from me.

A man who’s kisses would send shockwaves down my spine. And make my skin tingle.

A man who would put me first as he will come first in my life.

A man who will share my hopes and dreams. And weave new ones together.

A man who’s the missing piece of the puzzle. Who’s the right fit for me.

A man who would love me as much as I love him.

A man who’s a man and not a boy.

Thank you God for sending me that very man.

The last week has been amazing, wonderful, weird and natural at the same time.

And it all happened in one single moment.

All that I’ve been through in life before this; all the ups and the downs. The joys and the frustration. The tears and the doubts. All the lessons learnt. They have all prepared me for this one single moment.

One moment. One life changing moment.

I can’t wait for the future to happen.


dreamer said...

Mwah! Hugs...

Paul said...

Hey Munchkin... Amazing huh??? Well, this one week as you said had been simply amazing, mind blowing and LIFE CHANGING for the both of us... Everything just seems to fall into place so perfectly... I am glad that I've found you and also that you are willing to embark on this wonderful journey that we would be experiencing... Words alone would never be able to describe the feelings that I have for you now... So let us just sit back and enjoy this marvelous journey forth... I LOVE YOU... NOW, ALWAYS & FOREVER... MUACKS!!!!!!!!

Bubbles said...

My dearest darling Paul. Sigh. I've been sighing a lot these days. Sighs of contentment. Can't believe how the last one week and a bit has been so life changing. So amazing. So wonderful. Your kisses makes the world around melt away and all there's left is just you and me. 2 less lonely people in the world ....

Okay okay i better stop before Sin Cyn and Michelle Shell slaps me.

Still, I love u babe!

Paul said...

Babe... funny how that one moment can just change everything... that one moment in life whereby it is a "do or regret" moment... This feeling is so good and right... Just wanna hold you tight and love you all my life...

Bubbles said...

I'm so glad we found each other. Life will never be the same again. I love u with all my heart!

Paul said...

I couldn't agree with you more babe... Both our lives had changed for the better... It has gotten more and more exciting and colorful... You are God sent... Loving you is really simply beautiful... My heart and soul... I LOVE YOU...