Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Malaysia & Singapore Vintage Car Register - 1st Meeting of 2007

Sunday 6 Jan 2007

Wijay says that I FFKed him in Dec for the MSVCR meeting. Didn’t exactly FFK him but I decided to go for this one in Jan even though it starts at 8 in the morning! On a Sunday! What a mad hour. And on a Sunday!

Anyway he was sweet to come n pick me up in his Triumph Spitfire. Such a sexy topless car. I maintain that this car needs a name. Mustard Bastard and Cyan Diane (I named her!) both have names so it’s really unfair that the Spitfire doesn’t have one. At least Wijay admits that she’s a ‘she’. So we can start working with that.

Arrived in Gazebo to meet the rest of the classic and vintage car drivers. There were a lot of lovely cars, some in immaculate conditions. Turnout was good. We had about 25 cars, from Minis to Opels to Austin Haleys to Beemers.

Karamjit Singh was there with his Opel. I forget the model.

Thereafter we drove to Klang for breakfast. It was a very nice drive with lovely weather. Wind in the hair with the top down kinda thing. I’m just missing my scarf and Jackie O sunglasses.

Michael is the head of the club and being an ex traffic cop, he has the police siren and the loud speaker in his vintage Volvo. So when the 25 cars were convoying, he stops his car in the middle of a roundabout, turns on the sirens, stops all other traffic and makes sure we all stay in convoy and no car is left behind! And once we’re along on our way, he’ll miraculously appear at the next roundabout or traffic light to stop traffic for us again! Michael, you the man!

Not sure if I’ll join them again in Feb (they meet every first Sun of the month) but I sure had fun. Maybe I’ll join them once I get the RX7 Savannah up and running.

Bubbles with a classic car

Bubbles's new friend, Ferri and his Ford. Ferri founded the Anugerah Gallery

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