Saturday, January 06, 2007

Honest Fucker

Recently I went out for drinks with a friend of a friend. He was tall (6ft2). Good looking with chiseled features. Chinese (I’ve always liked Chinese men. Marsupial says I’m in an ah beng phase tho I don’t totally agree. But of western nationality. Spoke good English. We were communicating on the same plane.

Almost sounds like the perfect guy. Especially since I can’t seem to find men Chinese men who are taller than me, what more when I'm in heels!

Until he brought up the topic of sex and invited me to his place for some action. And said that that was all he was looking for.

Another burst bubble. Oh well. At least he was an honest fucker.


n.emator said...

Heh. Well, if only some girls would return the honesty by saying if they only want my money when they date me.

Bubbles said...

That arrangement could work for some.